Saturday, October 21, 2017

Are all Marines drunks, mental cases and racist liars???

   Now that General (four stars) Kelly, the WH Chief of Staff, has been proven to be a liar and racist, people are beginning to wonder.

  How many Marines

Healthy Forests are NATURAL Forests

A healthy forest is a natural forest and is full of life!
CalFire says only 40 trees should be allowed to live per acre.
NO wildlife could survive in that plantation site!
The government should NOT

Racist Keynote Speaker at GOP Convention--Who were Calaveras County delegates?

   Protestors stormed outside the hall in Anaheim as Breitbart White Supremacist and Trump supporter Steve Bannon spoke to the delegates

When the President of the United States is unable to be GOOD, the country is no longer GREAT!!!

This Trump is not capable of being GOOD
and is trying to destroy our democracy!!!
What to do?  Register to VOTE!!!!
And get involved!! The county and
Calaveras County needs you!!!