Monday, October 23, 2017

Man laying on Hwy 4

   October 23, 2017 at 3:10 PM:  A man is reportedly laying on Hwy 4 near Red Tail Hawk in the Arnold area.

   It isn't listed as a colilsisin but a tow truck has been dispatched to pick up a vehicle nearby.

Trump wins...breaks record!!!

The official tweeter in chief
is also the LIAR in Chief!!
   Finally...Trump being recognized for something he is good at.  He wins...he breaks the record.

  Yes, as of today, Trump has told 1319 LIES in 267 days in office.  His hostage staff isn't doing badly either. But Trump WINS!!!

Minor injuries in Martell collision

  October 23, 2017 at 1:50 PM:  A traffic collision at the intersection of Hwy 88 and Hwy 49 in Martell has resulted in minor injuries.

  CHP and an ambulance are at the scene. Tow trucks are responding.

How can Draft-Dodger Trump....

  Shocking and disgusting to see...TRUMP (a draft-dodging coward) be allowed to decorate a VietNam war

Who approved Jack Cox to write ANY EIR for Calaveras Supervisors Mills, Clapp and Tofanelli???

  The question of what qualifies Jack Cox and his Communications Institute to write a NEW Calaveras County EIR on cannabis, and who approved it being written, is now

Calaveras Supervisor Mills is crazy Voice of Doom, along with Clapp and Tofanelli

   Tomorrow is another big day for the Supervisors of Doom in Calaveras County: Mills, Clapp and Tofanelli.

     Mills and Cox's EIR is a doom scare

What kind of fuzz smells worse in Calaveras County???

  What kind of dirty fuzz do you think smells worse; a DIRTY Oldd Hamm or a

OP-ED: Arnold should incorporate and become City

  Due to the insanity that is going on at the Calaveras Board of Supervisors and the incompetence of District 3 Supervisor Oliveira, the town of Arnold needs to become a City and incorporate.

   It is the only way to escape the corruption at the Calaveras Sheriff and the waste of what is a very large bulk of the county's tax revenue!!! ESCAPE the INSANITY of Trump crazies!!!

Traffic collision in Valley Springs

  UPDATE:  The Sheriff is now responding to a report of people coming onto the roadway, yelling obscenities at other drivers.  It isn't

The Great Alt-Right's Calaveras Cannabis Ban

   On Tuesday, October 24, 2017 the Calaveras County Supervisors will again have on their agenda, the Alt-Right's Great Calaveras Cannabis Ban.

  They will be holding prayer

Car vs. deer in Copperopolis

   October 23, 2017 at 8:30 AM:  A tow truck is responding to a report of a car striking a deer on Hwy 4 in Copperopolis.

  No injuries were indicated to the driver. If they had deer warning whistles, they might have prevented the injuries and probable death of the deer and damage to their vehicle.