Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Neighbor from Hell # 35 -- Mentally deranged

   We have to tell you about a young woman who contacted the Sentinel to tell all kinds of terrible stories about a small business in Arnold.

   What we soon found out was all fabrication,

Three vehicle/motorcycle collision on Hwy 4

  Per a CHP report, we learned that on October 28, 2017 around 2:25 PM David Michael Barnett (47) of Ripon, was driving a 2002 Ford, pulling a boat trailer

Fatal crash in West Point

  According to CHP on October 27, 2017 at around 5:30 PM Christopher Murray (51) of Lodi was driving a 1998 Mazda on Winton Road at a high rate of speed.

David Howard White, Inventor

   David Howard White was born to Howard White and Ellen Johnson White September 13, 1933 in Stockton and grew up near Hathaway Pines.

Fire involving propane tank

   UPDATE:  This was a mobile home with a small vegetation fire. It was quickly

Conspiracy against the United States...Manafort and Gates!

   Manafort and Gates both paid millions to get out on bail, were forced to turn over their passports and are under "home arrest"!

Keep your cats indoors tonight!!! The kkk will be out!!

   We hear that the Calaveras kkk will be out in force tonight and that your pets, especially your black

USFS setting fires intentionally near Lake Tahoe??

   The USFS is the least capable of handling fires in California (hint, the Rim Fire), and now, just they announced they want to arson

Hope Papadopoulus is in safe hiding!!!

  After learning that Papadopoulus not only plead guilty to lying to the FBI, but got a deal for assisting Mueller in the investigation, we are worried.

  It said in the report that he was now a PRO-Active help in the Trump-Russia case, which most likely means he's been wearing a wire for months.  Hope they are hiding and protecting him so he will live to testify.

Trump practicing the three 'D's"

   DT, as he is referred to in the documents surrounding the Russia-Gate scandal, is resorting back to his regular practices of....

   DODGING (like he did the Draft), Deflecting (which he tries to do on Twitter) and Demean (calling Papadopoulus a liar),  the three "D's" of DT!!