Sunday, November 5, 2017

Mass shooting in Texas

   Authorities say that over 20 people could be dead after a mass shooting at a Baptist Church in Texas this morning.

  Another 20 could be injured, as helicopters and ground ambulances struggled to get people to hospitals.

Planning Commissioner Wooster makes BAN comment, should RECUSE

  At the most recent Calaveras Planning Commission meeting, Commissioner Wooster made a statement that should force him to RECUSE himself from the

'Welcome to Kenya" POTUS

 ALOHA, Trump!!

  Although the Trump regime attempted to block TV cameras from filming them, thousands of Hawaiian protestors lined the streets of the motorcade in their state. (Trump had 9 vehicles flown in a separate plane just for him).

  Signs that said "Welcome to Kenya" and IMPEACH the POTUS greeted Trump and wife wherever they went. Can't imagine why???

49ers at home today

   The SF 49ers are at home in Santa Clara today to play the Arizona Cardinals.   The Niners are (ugh!) 0-8 for the season and will play at 1 PM.

  The Raiders are in Miami and will be the 5 PM game today.

Return to White Supremacy??? White MALE Supremacy???

   There isn't much question that the agenda of the Trump regime in America is a return to White Supremacy.

  Once Franklin Graham preached after Barack Obama won in '08 that white males may NEVER again control the country, we needed to realize that the rise of the Trumpers is also a rise to return to all MALE dominance!