Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Singing more now?? Satellite radio helps calm Trumpitis!

   If you've bought a new car recently you know how improved Sirius Satellite Radio has become. So many stations and choices its hard to keep track.

  The best part, however, is the MUSIC!  From Frank Sinatra, the 50's, Jazz, whatever you like, the quality of the sound is remarkable.  And these days we need to sing more; at least until Trump is removed and/or locked up!!

Knight Foundry guided tours

   Located in Sutter Creek, the Knight Foundry is America's last water-powered ironworks

Kelma Legions

   Kelma Legions was born in Parsons, Tennessee on October 8, 1928 and died November 4, 2017.

  He was married on August 3, 1951 to Elizabeth

Calaveras District 4 Supervisor Mills discredited by County Counsel

   District 4 Supervisor Mills is so upset that he lost his bid to BAN all cannabis in Calaveras County and that he was EXPOSED as a fraud with an EIR he had Jack Cox write.

   At the November 6, 2017 Board meeting he attempted to screw up the regulatory procedure and County Counsel said she 'RESPECTFULLY DISAGREES' with Mills legal stance. Mills then asked for a vote of the Board and they voted him DOWN!!  Another embarrassing day for Mills!!!

Kenneth James Ingle of Mountain Ranch

   Kenneth James Ingle "Ken" a certified electrician and locksmith and all around  handyman. Ken unexpectedly died on

Mr. BigPot is BAAAACCKKK!!

Come on, pals!
Let's go get drunk!!
  At the last Calaveras Supervisor meeting, Mr. BigPot McmAnus said he would be gone, but he LIES,

Elsie May Hebenstreit, native of Calaveras County

   Elsie was born February 2, 1932 in Murphys and lived her entire life in Calaveras County. She passed away n November 3, 2017 in San Andreas with her