Wednesday, November 8, 2017

New storm coming in tonight...

  A new storm is headed in to the Mother Lode and most of Northern California tonight.

  Be careful and slow down if you have to drive.

Russian Amnesia contagious

   It seems that a contagious case of Russian Amnesia is going around the Trump circle of idiots.

  Of course, Mark Twain once said:  "If you tell the truth, you never have to work to remember anything!" Or to get Russian Amnesia!

DiBasilio watching out at night??? Wife's trees????

  We haven't heard back from the temporary Sheriff, who only wants to arrest pot people for the money after reporting a tip we heard. We certainly hope the KKK are not involved in these threats!

  Is he watching his wife's

The Royal FLIP-OFF!!

A sample of what was to come in Virginia,
a cyclist flips off Trumps motorcade and
goes VIRAL.....

Arnold man arrested on Hwy 4

  On November 7, 2017 CHP arrested Robert Harry Doten (62) of Arnold, on Hwy 4 at Six Mile Road in Vallecito.

   Doten was booked into the Calaveras County Jail for alleged DUI Alcohol or Drugs and for DUI Alcohol over .08%, both misdemeanors. He was released with a citation.

"American Mask" by Professor Lynn

Art mirrors culture: KKK masks out of American Flags!
What does this say to you?

Three arrested in West Point--Methamphetamine??

   On November 7, 2017 Calaveras Sheriff deputies arrested three residents on Main Street in West Point.

   Robert Kent Miller  (53) was booked

Three arrested in West Point

   On November 7, 2017 Calaveras Sheriff deputies arrested three residents on Main Street in West Point.

   Robert Kent Miller  (53) was booked

The Flynn's are NEXT....

   Trumps former friend and National Security Advisor Flynn is now in the tentacles and likely will be indicted, along with his son.

   Apparently Mueller has so much on these two that they could be indicted at any time.  Will they talk?  Does Flynn owe Trump anything in the way of favors?  Is a pardon already in the works?

California working quickly to set up banking system for cannabis!!

   Because the federal government banks are not allowed to take cannabis money (due to the idiotic listing of cannabis as a dangerous drug), California knows it needs to do something about a place to put all that cash.

   They may create their own banking system, or they may join other states who also need a banking system and a way to pay taxes without having to carry massive amounts of cash around.

South Koreans fear TRUMP more than Kim Jung Il

   In a long interview yesterday on cable news, both Americans in South Korea and native South Koreans 100% agreed that Kim Jung Il is not their biggest threat.

  In unison, they all agreed that Donald Trump is the biggest fear they have, even though they are only 35 miles from the North Korean border.

Trump's schitzophrenia shows up with Gillespie campaign

   Yesterday morning Trump did a recorded ROBO-CALL for Ed Gillespie, the nut-case racist running for governor of Virginia, praising him highly, as if lighting a candle for him from racist  Rev Franklin Graham.

  Immediately after it was announced that he lost, Trump reversed, stating Gillespie never "EMBRACED" he or his policies!  Squashed, like a cigarette butt on the dirty sidewalk!!! Careful, Trumpy!  Your schitzophrenia is showing!

Pedestrian struck by vehicle on Hwy 49

   According to CHP on November 6, 2017 Sophia Stokes (14) of Valley Springs was walking, crossing Hwy 49 at Court Street in San Andreas, outside any crosswalk.

   Sandra Bolin (48) of San Andreas was driving a pickup on Hwy 49 and failed to see Stokes and struck her.  She received minor injuries but refused transport to a hospital.

Delain Eastin coming to San Andreas

   On November 14, 2017 Delain Eastin, running for Governor in 2018, will visit Calaveras County.

   Come to the San Andreas library at 6:15 PM to meet her.  It is the Calaveras Democrats regular monthly meeting and everyone is invited.

Democrats win with ANTI-Trump campaign

   Democrats won the Governor's seats in both Virginia and New Jersey last night, as the racist Gillespie and Christie's candidate both lost due to TRUMP!

   Christie even got into a bickering argument while in line to vote in New Jersey.  In Virginia, the legislature moved 17 seats over to the Dems!

Trump never quits...even in South Korea

   It could have been considered just a very harsh speech against North Korea while we and South Korea are in the midst of a nuclear crisis, but NO, Trump couldn't let it go at that.

  Instead, in the middle of his speech to the South Korean legislature, Trump stopped to make a commercial announcement. Yes, he promoted his GOLF courses!!  A screw short of a tight fit????

Former MLB pitcher dies in plane crash

   From 2001 to 2011 Roy Halladay won the Cy Young Award twice, pitched a perfect game and a postseason no-hitter, was considered one of the best pitchers in MLB.

   He was the only person on board a small plane that crashed into the Gulf of Mexico yesterday. He was 40.