Sunday, November 12, 2017

TRUMP forced to recant his agreement with KGB agent Putin

   Is it TREASON to take the side of an enemy government over your own if you are President of the United States?  No question about it???

  FOX thinks its no big deal, but apparently the Intelligence officials thought differently and forced TRUMP to recant his agreement with former KGB agent Putin that Russia did not meddle in our election in 2016.

49ers, Raiders

  The NY Giants are in town to play our 49ers (0-9). The game is scheduled for 1:25 PM on FOX. Too bad Republicans are not allowed to watch.

   The Raiders have a bye this week. They play next Sunday.

No NFL football for Republicans ever again!!

  On FOX News this morning a man was interviewed pushing the 'no watch' idea for Republicans, saying the Star Spangled Banner needs to be honored above all!

   This includes FOX Sports, who airs NFL games each week. Hmmm....racism is more important that making money, too??? The racist Star Spangled Banner must be the song of TRUMP!!