Monday, November 13, 2017

Nancy Bettger of Altaville

    Nancy Bettger entered into rest on November 8, 2017 in Sonora at the age of 96, surrounded by

Trump finally goes to Vietnam

   After years of dodging the draft, while other young men without rich fathers, fought and died, the leader of the

Abuse of Animals widespread in U.S.

Hard to believe that  dairy cows would be tortured, but its true!
Kicking, hitting with

Jamestown man arrested in Angels Camp

   On November 12, 2017 around 12:45 AM, Angels Camp Police arrested J. Carroll Joseph Troche (20) of Sonora at an apartment on Stanislaus.

   Troche was booked into the Calaveras County Jail for alleged Assault

Rare African cat caught in Philadelphia

This Cheetah-like African cat was captured in a
Philadelphia suburb over the weekend.  Authorities
are investigating where it may have come from.

Trump says "OLD" is insult, not "LUNATIC"????

   In one of Trumps infamous tweets, he yesterday said that he was insulted when Kim Jung Il called him 'old'.  He then called Kim 'short and fat'!

   Of course, Kim had actually called him an "OLD LUNATIC", so we assume Trump doesn't mind being called a lunatic; most likely used to it!! 

49ers win!!!

   For the first time this season the 49ers won. The New York Giants aren't doing much better than the Niners.

   The Niners are now 1-9. 

Roy Moore says he's suing Washington Post

   Now senate candidate from Alabama Roy Moore, who admitted to dating teens when he was in his 30's denies dating a 14 year old. Says he never met her.

   If he sues the Washington Post, like he says he will, his deposition should be wild. Hope they televise it. Maybe he a Trump together!!!