Thursday, November 23, 2017

Fire alarm at Valley Springs Elementary

   UPDATE:  A school representative just showed up.

CHips for Kids this Christmas

Toys for 1500 less fortunate children in Calaveras
County is the goal. Please donate a new unwrapped
toy at the

Now there's another 'weiner' case in Congress?

  Rep. Barton is now asking for 'PRIVACY' after taking a selfie of his 'weiner' and sending it to some woman.

   What is wrong with these congressmen?  What are they thinking?  Barton is a Republican! (and an old man!) Now he wants PRIVACY???


Hit and run in Murphys

   November 23, 2017 at 8 AM:  CHP is at the Shell station on Hwy 4 near Tom Bell Road in Murphys to investigate a hit and run.

   No other details are reported at this time.

What are we thankful for??

  We are thankful for living in a beautiful forest with creatures willing to share it, a comfortable home, and a country of wide diversity of cultures and ethnicities.

   We are also thankful for the 1st Amendment, which protects the right of free speech and the press, keeping our elected representatives accountable and allows for the public to know the TRUTH!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

President Kennedy's been gone 54 years....

What would he say about what is happening to us now???