Friday, November 24, 2017

Overturned vehicle causes major injuries

   November 24, 2017 at 3 PM:  A vehicle reportedly overturned on Hwy 99 at Hammer Lane in Stockton.

  Major injuries have resulted from this crash.  Avoid the area until cleared, if possible.

Be extra careful driving after dark

   Everyone needs to be reminded that animals don't understand the roads are not safe. Slow down after dark and before dawn.

  Deer, bear and other wildlife must cross the roadways to drink and its up to us to watch for them. Put deer warning whistles on your front bumpers. They really work!! And they are under $10.

Angels Camp Police busy yesterday

   The Angels Camp Police department did not take the Thanksgiving holiday off, but instead made several arrests.

   Alleged battery, possession of controlled substance, DUI, reckless driving and bringing a controlled substance into jail were causes for arrest.

Fatal collision with bear in Douglas Flat

   UPDATE:  The names of the victims in this collision are Sarah Rohde (27) and her 19 month old daughter Ariana. The bear, who was also killed, was not known to have a name.

 According to CHP on

Are you Black Friday Shopping???

   Lots of specials if you are willing to brave the crowds this Black Friday. 

  Many, however, will stay home and buy online. 

CalFire warns about holiday fire danger

   Whether the Christmas tree and decorations or the added cooking we do during the holidays, Cal Fire is warning homeowners to be extra cautious not to cause a fire.

   Also, clean out your flue or chimney before starting fires, to prevent chimney fires. And be sure to water your tree every day.

Animal lover in Tahoe says : "These guys are homeless too!"

This Tahoe animal lover has been warned not to feed
the bears, but feels that 'they are homeless, too!'
Lake Tahoe residents love their bears!!!

Homeless populate Arnold

  We hear many complaints about the number of homeless who are living in the Arnold area, many in the Meadowmont Shopping Center.

  Law enforcement

Deaths recorded in Calaveras

   According to the Calaveras Clerk, those who passed away in Calaveras County recently are:

    Richard A. Andersen, Jr. who passed away on

"Birdcage" now a classic Republican movie

  "Birdcage", starring Robin Williams and Nathan Lane, has always been a sample of how talented these two actors are, but considered a little 'far out there' by

Flynn cuts ties with Trump???

  Trump has made every attempt to keep Gen. Flynn as his friend and Flynn has been, up to now, obligingly sending copies of everything to Trumps lawyers.

   That has apparently stopped abruptly, hinting that Flynn may have cut a deal with Mueller on the Trump-Russia investigation.