Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Sexual misconduct in Calaveras!!!

   While most residents are well aware of the blatant alleged sexual misconduct involving retired CHP officer who got elected D1 Supervisor, Claudino and a woman he hired to work in the Calaveras Planning Department, how many are aware of other disgusting

Public Radio fire Garrison Keillor????

  NBC reported that Minnesota Public Radio  has fired Garrison Keillor, creator of Prairie Home Companion.

  Apparently the 75 year old is alleged to have inappropriate behavior with a fellow employee. Is there no end to this?

Mary Kelly's mental illness reaches breaking point???

Now, please be careful
with your AK!!
   The City of Angels Camp (the worst city in the state), was told by the Grand Jury in 2017 to dissolve the city charter. 

   Part of the reason we believe is due to the mental instability

Adopt me, please

Come to Calaveras Animal Services and visit me.

Neighbor from Hell # 36--Lies, Lies, Lies

   If you have a neighbor woman who's in-laws say is crazier than her husband, you had better watch

Adolf Von Trump claims to be Swedish??

   The Von Trump family has laid claims to being from Sweden. Adolf says his grandfather didn't want people to know he was German to make it easier

Matt Lauer FIRED????!!!

   NBC announced early this morning that after a report of alleged sexual misconduct by a fellow employee, NBC News is firing Matt Lauer from his 25 year career on the Today Show.

   It seems there is no end to the misconduct everywhere in our society. It's very similar to the racism that is rampant and many have trouble controlling in themselves.