Sunday, December 10, 2017

Governor Brown says......OAK TREES WORST!!

  Yesterday Governor Brown said that these fires and I presume, our houses burning down, is the "new normal".

    The Governor thinks we need

Your brand new custom kitchen...cabinets and countertops--Wow!!

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Sarah, too much makeup!!

We think the pastor's daughter ought to wear
a little less makeup, don't you?

Thomas Fire in Ventura County

  According to the CalFire website as of 6:35 AM on December 10, 2017 the Thomas Fire in Ventura County is 173,000

49ers in Houston

  The San Francisco 49ers are in Houston today to play the Texans. They have the early game on FOX this morning.

   The Raiders are also away today in Kansas City to play the Chiefs. That is also an AM  game.