Tuesday, December 12, 2017

No Moore TRUMP! No Moore Bannon!!

Doug Jones wins--Democrats take Alabama

   Thanks to Trump and Bannon, who love pedophiles and kkk types, the Democrats just took another

It's called woman 'shaming'!

   Very commonly done among men in business and government, when a woman complains, they do everything they can to 'shame'

Dollar General burglary

  According to the Calaveras Sheriff, on December 7, 2017 at approximately 3:30 AM deputies responded to the Dollar General Store located on

TRUMP: Liar of the Year! Headache number 4,201!!

   Just in 2017 Trump is labeled as the Liar of the Year, the Fake news White House, and total "MORON" by his own cabinet!

   Most recently, he declared that more black families own homes now that EVER before.  We believe he stole this lie from Fake Fox News, but we aren't sure. Headache # 4201 and counting????

Guess what Mary Kelly and the City of Angels are up to now???

Wait! No! That's the wrong pic.
That's not Kelly!!!
   Angels Camp, the City of Angels, the Home of the Jumping Frog, the city who the Grand Jury in Calaveras County says needs to give up its city charter!!

   And guess what

Big rig driver run over by own truck

   UPDATE:  Per CHP since this was considered a workplace fatality, OSHA was notified and responded to the location.

Your dead trees are SOLD to SPI??

  UPDATE:  We just learned that when you sign the permit to allow the contractor to cut down your trees, you can check a box saying you want to keep the trees they fall.

   You are not forced to give your trees away to the cutters.

Woodstove fire in Mokelumne Hill

   Firefighters in Mokelumne Hill are responding to a report of a woodstove fire on Sierra Lane.

   No details are available at this time.

Tamara Suzanne Kirby

    Tamara Suzanne Kirby was born on April 2, 1961 in Boise, Idaho, on a Spring day, and passed away on September 30, 3017 in the early morning hours at home

Trump blasts accusers of misconduct and then....

   Trump became angry after seeing accusers of his sexual misconduct on TV last night and blasted them.

San Francisco Mayor dies

   The first Asian Mayor of San Francisco, Ed Lee, passed away last night after suffering a massive heart attack.

   He was 65 and leaves a wife and two daughters.  The attack came as he was shopping in a grocery store.