Thursday, December 14, 2017

More people desert the City of Angels Camp

  Seems that the utility woman will leave the city in January and that Derek Cole has had enough of their bullshit, too.

   A new attorney from Sacramento, Churchwell, White, LLP will take over the City Attorney position, advising the City Council on how to get away with the corruption they continue to this day.

COG's Melissa Eads taking over Kelly's job in Angels Camp??? HAHAHAHA

   The City of Angels Camp has just put out an agenda that approves Melissa Eads to become Mary Kelly at the City, with the title of City Administrator. tee hee, hahaha!

   This should be fun to watch, since Eads couldn't seem to handle the problems at the COG and now she's got to handle Mary Kelly!! 

Jennifer Garner reads to pet chicken Regina

Regina seems to love having the newspaper read to her
by her owner Jennifer Garner!

Stories of the Nativity: sheep and cows

   With all the church programs and nativity scenes put up around the country, there are several rather cute stories surrounding

Neighborhood WATCH dangerous in Calaveras!! Racists and dirty cops!!!

   At the Calaveras Supervisors meeting on December 12, 2017 Chair Oliveira promoted what he called a 'neighborhood watch'.

   We sincerely warn residents

PG&E needs to go UNDERGROUND!!

   After the Butte Fire, the public asked, but did not receive positive answers from PG&E to eliminate overhead electric wires.

Big rig on fire in Manteca

   UPDATE:  170 gallons of diesel fuel spilled onto the roadway, but injuries in this collision were minor.

Calaveras Supervisors make more secret committees!! Here we go again!!!

   Calaveras Supervisors decided to make another secret committee (since their last one worked so well, huh?), this one to figure out a way to con

Woman found dead in creek by trail--Thank you, Angels Camp!!

   A woman's body was found floating face down in a creek next to a trail in the Sunnyvale area yesterday.  She had just started

Letter to the Editor: Angels Camp "Deplorables" speak

   Dear Editor:

   I attended the December 4, 2017 Angels Camp City Council meeting a woman who bragged that she voted for "TRUMP" last fall and that it was meant

Angels Camp home Burglarized

   According to Angels Camp Police on December 11, 2017 around 2:45 PM an officer was called to the 900 block of Crystal Street for