Sunday, December 17, 2017

NK: "Lunatic old man...frightened!" What emails???

   Trumps lawyers are trying to challenge the thousands of emails that Mueller has had all along, but they were property of the GSA and he has every

Hooray!! Regina was adopted!! Regina needs a forever home

Regina is a beautiful calico, gentle and loving.
You can meet her at the Calaveras Animal "cat house" in San Andreas

Jimmy Garoppolo--Nice Italian Boy!!

   Everyone seems to be commenting that Jimmy Garappolo may be the next Joe Montana; with the calm and roll-out ability under pressure.

   They are also making comments that he's a 'nice Italian boy', calling him Jimmy G. He is certainly connecting in the game against the Titans. Go Niners!

It's getting hilarious!! Moore WHO???

   Several days after Roy Moore, the White Supremacist and accused Pedophile, lost his election bid for Senator in Alabama, it's getting hilarious.

  Now Moore says he's not conceding because he thinks there was massive voter fraud.  Like Trump, this sicko doesn't take losing well!!

Neighbor from Hell # 37!! Abuse an Animal--Go to Prison!!!!

Hard to look at??  How many
insane neighbors live in
Calaveras County???
  No excuses!  No breaks for the filthy racists who hurt animals!  Lock them UP!! Lock them UP!! Yes, they are often one of the same.

   This dog was found with his front

Traffic collision on Jack Tone Road

   December 17, 2017 at 7 AM:  A passerby reported that a car hit something in the road and then ran off the roadway at Jack Tone Road and Wildwood Road in the Manteca area.

   The vehicle is apparently on fire. Emergency personnel are responding to the scene.

Letter to the Editor: Miss the Sierra Sentinel

   Dear Sierra Sentinel:

    Just writing to let you know I still check in with the Sierra Sentinel to see what is

49ers and Raiders at home today

   The Tennessee Titans are in Santa Clara to play the 49ers today.   The game is on CBS at 1:25 PM.

   The Raiders are at home today and will face the Dallas Cowboys at 5:30 PM on NBC.