Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Alice Montgomery is BAAAACCCCKKK!

   District 3 resident and former Supervisor Oliveira supporter, was back at the Calaveras Supervisor meeting on December 19, 2017 to propose the county again BAN.

   She has been told that she may be sued for libel for her insults to cannabis growers.  Montgomery used to own the Cedar Center Shopping Center. Is she still supporting Oliveira or is she a total TRUMPER???

Public says "Wacko right wing Alt-Right are LIARS, just like TRUMP!!

   A member of the public got up at the Calaveras Supervisors meeting on December 19, 2017 to state that the Alt-Right wackos who just spoke are LIARS!!

  These nuts continue to badger our elected officials for fraudulent reasons, including Mr. BigPot McmAnus and his racist buddies!!

Vickie Reinke, Deena Morris and other alt-right complainers - Ban the Wackos!

  The Alt-Right wackos continued their attempts to undermine the Calaveras Supervisors Cannabis Ordinance at the December

Supervisor Mills wants BAN with FEE!!

   What is wrong with Calaveras Supervisor Mills is anyone's guess!  But today he continued to go after a BAN ordinance.

   He actually said he wants to install a FEE with the BAN ordinance. Is he totally nuts . Supervisor Oliveira jokingly said he's like to see how that would work.

Trump team in shock!!

  In learning that Special Counsel Mueller plans to spend at least another year investigating Trump, his lawyers have begun to panic.

   They are now throwing everything the can at him, trying to discredit the investigation. Will Trump fire his Assistant Attorney General and hire someone else to fire Mueller over the holiday. Those are the rumors in Washington.

DeBasilio campaigner says NO crime in Calaveras--Abuses DOG!!

   If you follow news reports at all, you are aware that crime in Calaveras County is rampant.

  A campaigner for the temporary Sheriff DeBasilio

DeBasilio infers grower could commit murder in delivering cannabis

   Never in my life have I seen anything like this temporary Sheriff DeBasilio in Calaveras County.

   He just stood up and inferred that it's likely a cannabis grower

Temporary Sheriff says he abuses his dog!!!!

  In a shocking statement by the temporary Calaveras Sheriff, De Basilio says he doesn't abuse anything, except his DOG.  We are reminded of Neighbor from Hell # 37!!

Calaveras Supervisor Oliveira apologizes

   At the December 19, 2017 Board meeting, the Calaveras Supervisors proceeded  to make a decision on regulating the cannabis issue in the county.
    Supervisor Oliveira began by apologizing to the staff for behavior of other Supervisors and certain members of the public during the lengthy time it has taken to provide regulation for the cannabis industry.

Calaveras County stole $55,000 from property owner

   At the Supervisors meeting, the Calaveras Supervisors had to pay back $55,000 in taxes paid by property owners where the county fraudulently collected taxes from a cannabis grower.

   Mr. Moss from the county also mentioned that there will likely be more do in repayment. Why is Calaveras County getting away with this?

Public brings up McKesson on opioides--Trump gives GIANT tax break!!

   Several members of the public complained about the government refusing to do something about the McKesson company, 2nd largest in the US, isn't brought to justice.

   We are however, aware that McKesson is getting a GIANT tax break due to the Republican corporate tax cut being passed today and signed by Trump!!

22 Veterans a day are committing suicide

   A resident of Valley Springs came to the podium during Public Comments to remind the Board of Supervisors that 22 veterans a day are dying by their own hands in the US.

   He also pointed out what the red, white and blue represents in the flag.


Chair Oliveira cuts off upset woman and child

  A woman from Avery and her disabled son came to the podium during Public Comment period of the Calaveras Supervisors.

   She stated she can't afford the health care expenses she has and doesn't know what to do about it. Oliveira cut her off, sending her to the county offices. When she tried to continue on, he said "Next speaker!"

Veteran slams Calaveras Supervisors

   During public comment on December 19, 2017 a veteran stood up to the microphone and slammed the Board of Supervisors both for wasting so much time.

    The Board Chair Oliveira tried to stop the veteran who angrily pointed out that they have spent years fighting over a natural plant and trying to make criminals out of people who want to grow that plant.

Cannabis on Calaveras Supervisor agenda today

   The regular 9 AM meeting of the Calaveras Supervisors on Tuesday December 19, 2017 has cannabis again on the agenda.

   The item is to make a decision about the regulation of cannabis in the county beginning in 2018. You can watch in online. Go to Calaveras Supervisors meeting portal.