Sunday, December 31, 2017

If you're going out tonight....

  If you plan to go out somewhere for New Years Eve tonight, please drive carefully.

   And do NOT drink and drive.  Get home safely after having a good time or stay home and drink!

Three new words added to English language

   Websters has added three new words to the English dictionary this year.

Niners play Rams for last season game--Raiders

   The SF 49ers will play the Rams today in the final matchups for the 2017 season.  Should be interesting, although the Niners are going nowhere in the playoffs.

   The Raiders face the Chargers for their last regular season game. Both games are scheduled for 1:30 PM.

Melania Trump's chain migration family being deported?

  One of the most guilty of all immigrants in the US is the current Mrs. Trump. #3 has chain migrated her entire family to the US.

   Will they be deported as Trump indicates he hates all chain migrators in the country.  Or is HIS choice of chain migration ok, while others are bad????


Is anyone safe in Calaveras now?

  After a cow was reported out on Obyrnes Ferry Road this morning, Bill Airola found that someone had cut the locks to gain access to his property.

   How can any of us feel safe or protect our property anymore, since this Trump regime took over?
  What will 2018 bring?