Saturday, May 26, 2018

Is Supervisor Oliveira lying to everyone??? Psychopathic LIAR?

   We are very concerned that several people have told us Supervisor Oliveira is
anti-pot all of a sudden, after voting in favor of regulation.  Is he a psychopathic liar???

    Some have been told he is pro-regulation, others have been told he wants the voters to decide and yet others say he is for the total ban! 

   Now, two of those statements have to be a lie!  Is Oliveira the most dishonest of all the candidates in District 3?

   Is he also lying about sleeping with Michael Preston secretly?  How many lies are there. He told the Sierra Sentinel that Preston is working for Langan, but Langan doesn't even know who he is.

   We don't know about you, but perhaps once a lying cop, always a lying cop. Is it just to get what you want, which in this case is a 2nd term and FULL benefit  

  WE HATE LIARS!!!  Psychopathic or otherwise.

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