Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Jimmy G is going to cost the Niners big bucks

  In order to keep Jimmy G in SF, the Niners owner is going to have to put up or shut up, according to the Happy Hour talk today.

   It will likely cost them $30 mill a year to hold onto the star quarterback. And it seems likely they are willing to put up the money.

Trump says he has 'bigger button' than Kim Jong Un

   In the long list of Trumps comparisons of "bigger" and "better" he seems to have outdone himself today.  We aren't sure if it was a sexual comparison, but .....

   Not his hand size, but his "button" size, saying his nuclear button is bigger and more powerful that Kim Jong Un's and that "his button works"!

Countertops--Granite or Solid Surface

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Umpqua Bank leaving Angels Camp

   We recently learned that the Umpqua Bank in Angels Camp will be closing its doors soon.

   They are hoping that everyone will stay with them and do online banking. Rent is expensive and they won't need tellers anymore. Yes, more in Angels Camp will be unemployed. Thank you Umpqua!

Iraq War veteran was shooter in Colorado

  Matthew Riehl (38)  killed one deputy and wounded others before he was shot and killed in a Denver suburb yesterday.

   Riehl was also an attorney and had stated he was running against the Douglas County Sheriff recently.

Breaking Bad or The Thin Man??

  If you didn't go out on New Year's Eve, you had a couple of great choices of marathons; one on TBS and one on AMC.

   The Breaking Bad marathon ran until 2 in the morning on both NY Eve and NY Day.  The Thin Man movies (all 6) were shown in a row on the NO commercial movie channel. Oh, you went back and forth?

New Years Resolution??? What is yours??

  My #1 2018 New Year's resolution is to get a BAD NEIGHBOR fence installed!!  What is yours?

  The one I've picked out is chain link, 15' high and impenetrable!!  It won't stop the smell, but it will hopefully stop the violence, theft, vandalism, trespassing and animal abuse!!

Assault arrest in Vallecito

   On December 29, 2017 the Calaveras Sheriff's Office arrested Paul William Fowler (32) of Sonora on Cedar Circle in Vallecito.

   Fowler was booked into the Calaveras County Jail for alleged Assault with a Deadly Weapon not a Firearm, a felony and for Battery on a Person and Displaying False Registration, both misdemeanors.

Kwik Serve Burglar caught

   On December 29, 2017 the Calaveras Sheriff's department arrested Mathew Stanley Taele (27) of San Jose while he was reportedly eating at the Kwik Serve Gas Station in Arnold.

   Taele was booked into the Calaveras County Jail for alleged 2nd Degree Burglary, a felony and Vandalism over $400, a misdemeanor.  We don't know if he finished his meal first.     

Hoda gets Matt Lauers' job

   There will now, for the first time ever, officially be two women hosting the Today Show on NBC.

   Hoda Kotb, who shares the early today show with Kathy Lee Gifford, will join Savannah Guthrie as the co-host, beginning today.

Large white dog on Hwy 12

  January 2, 2018 at 6 AM:  Watch out for a large white dog on Hwy 12 near Oak Leaf Lane in the Valley Springs area.

   CHP reports the dog has been seen on the roadway and they are responding.

Did you see the Supermoon

Called the Wolf Moon, last nights Supermoon
was big and bright, in case you missed it!