Saturday, January 6, 2018

Jeep off Fricot City Road

   January 6, 2018 at 2:15 PM: A Jeep was reported as run off Fricot City Road at Calaveritas Road in the San Andreas area.

  No one was at the scene, but CHP indicates there is a lot of fur on the front end and they may have hit a cow.  It's unknown if any person was injured.

Crime meeting in Arnold

   On Thursday January 11, 2018 at 6 PM a meeting will be held at Independence Hall in White Pines/Arnold led by

Trump cabinet, leaders camping out at Camp David, minus????

   One member of Trumps cabinet, inner circle, and Congressional leadership was not invited to the campout at Camp David this weekend.

   Can you guess who that was?  Sessions!  Jefferson Beauregard Sessions was blacked out on the invitation list.  Could it be they are planning his retirement, without him??

Jerry Van Dyke dies

   Jerry Van Dyke, brother of Dick Van Dyke, was most memorable as Luther on the TV show Coach.

   He was 86 and died at his ranch in Arkansas. He had never truly recovered from an auto accident two years ago, according to his wife.

FOX Fake News beside itself....

   The in Famous Fake FOX News channel is overwhelmed with what to do about the new info in the Fire and Fury book by Wolff.

   They are so desperate they are even

Trump takes credit for Peace talks?

   Although it was President Obama who got the economy back on track, Trump is taking credit for the DOW rise in 2017.

   Trump is also taking credit for North and South Korea going back into peace talks.  Yeah, it may be true because they both say he is an 'idiot' and they have to go it alone, without the US.

Rain, beautiful rain.....

Trump just tweeted: "Im a very stable...

    Hard to  believe, but Trump never gives up trying to make himself out to be smart and sane.

   This morning he tweeted:  "I'm a very stable genius!"  OMGGGGGG,