Thursday, January 11, 2018

"If someone shows you who they are....

Believe me! Believe me!
.....believe them".  by Maya Angelou

   Trump has shown us over and over again who or WHAT he is!! We can BELIEVE HIM!!!

Vehicle stuck in mud on Hwy 12

   January 11, 2018 at 7 PM:  A vehicle is reportedly stuck in the mud and blocking part of the roadway on Hwy 12 at Central Hill Road outside San Andreas.

    CHP and a tow truck are responding to the scene. Be extra cautious if headed that way.

Where is the VIDEO??

   Several people notified us today that they went online to watch the January 10, 2018 Supervisors video to watch the assault that was apparently on tape.

How much did Mills' airport bust cost Calaveras County

   How many cannabis busts have been fraudulent?  How many did Supervisor Mills accompany

The White's also accused of snide comments

  Lorie White, the woman who is alleged to have assaulted a member of the public she did not agree with, was lucky that the person did not press charges.

Vickie Reinke lies like a TRUMP!!

  I have never seen anything like that woman Vicke Reinke, an extremist ALT-RIGHT Republican,

Republicans 'DEAR LEADER" calls nations ....

  Dear Leader Trump held a private meeting with members of Congress today to discuss immigration.

   During the meeting he called Haiti and African nations "Sh**h***" nations. Trouble is, under Trump, the US has become the "SH**h***" nation!!

Car runs off roadway at Camanche

   January 11, 2018 at 1 PM:  One man was transported to an Amador County hospital after his car left Camanche Parkway on the Amador County side of the lake.

   CHP and a tow truck are at the scene. Be cautious if headed that way.

Steve Bannon to testify in Russian probe

   Trump may have made a mistake is dissing Bannon so quickly. Yes, Bannon made a miscalculation in thinking Moore would win in Alabama and now he's suffering the consequences.

   Bannon most likely knows a lot about Trump, though, so the racist Pres should have been more careful with his criticism of his White Supremacist buddy.

Tom Pratt for State Senate

Tom Pratt, of Murphys, is running for State Senate
we just learned.  We need someone who will

Crime Meeting tonight at Independence Hall or Campaign rally?

   A meeting called for by constituents in District 3 of Calaveras County due to the crime element in Ebbetts Pass begins at 6 PM tonight.

Calaveras Most Wanted