Friday, January 12, 2018

Just when you think it can't get any worse--Payoff for Trump porn star

   The WSJ today and then later CNN confirmed that Trump lawyer Cohen apparently paid off a porn star so she wouldn't go public

Traffic collision in Mountain Ranch

UPDATE:  The injured person was airlifted to Modesto with major injuries.

According to FOX News:

"I'm a forgotten man!  I don't want those people coming here
from shithole countries like Haiti and Africa!!"
   Breaking FAKE FOX News:  According to Jesse at FOX News Trump used the word

REWARD offered!! WARNING!!

Embarassed, the temporary Calaveras Sheriff has
now put a $5000 reward on information as to

Give me more money--I will try to stop crime!!???

   Temporary Sheriff Dibasilio spent last evening at a packed Independence Hall telling the residents the only reason there is so much crime is :  I need more

"I can't help myself! I get it from my fada!"

   One racist thief and vandal that we know of has said the reason for his inability to stay out

The best thing about Callaway's return to Supervisor

   There are many reasons that Calaveras District 3 will benefit by Supervisor Merita Callaway returning

Angels Camp City Council wants to DOUBLE water fees???

   The budget of the City of Angels Camp was discussed at their January 2, 2018 meeting

Will Amanda Folendorf be an honorable Mayor in Angels Camp?

       Amanda Folendorf has been elected as Mayor of the City of Angels Camp for 2018. Will she be an honorable Mayor and work for all of the taxpayers and voters?

   Now that they are supposedly getting rid of Mary Kelly, we will have to wait and see if there is any improvement!

Why are White's still allowed inside meetings???

  After the violence the Alt-Right racist extremists caused at the January 10, 2018 Calaveras Supervisors meeting, we have a question

Chris Cuomo: You are wrong!! We need to get ANGRY!!

  Last night on CNN, Chris Cuomo spent time telling the normal Americans, who are disturbed beyond belief at what Trump the Chump is bellowing, not to get angry about it.


Tofanelli responds about assault altercation

I'm really nice! See me smiling!!
   We got a response through the Calaveras County Board Clerk Diane Severud, that crooked Chair Gary Tofanelli says the Calaveras Supervisors were

Alt-Right presence at Sheriff meeting disturbing

   Apparently the presence of many Alt-Right supporters of the current Sheriff and Supervisor of District 3 in Calaveras County was

Canada wants a WALL? Because of the "outhouse" in the White House?

   Where is the real "OUTHOUSE" of the world, what Trump calls the "SHITHOLE"? Where is the smell so bad it crosses borders and people around the world ask if we are all