Saturday, January 13, 2018

Why is it that the People in Power are the criminals???

   Truth to Power!!  We have to have it to preserve our Democracy. Not just here in Calaveras!

Sierra Sentinel wants to thank its anonymous sources!

💛💛💛   Without our anonymous sources, many of the lies and corruption that go on in Calaveras County would go unreported, or reported without honor.

   We want to thank all of you, without whom we could not make this website as valuable as it is. We will NEVER expose you.

Just how FAT can one Worthless Nazi BE??????

We voted for him...and he lied!!

   Over 200 Carrier plant workers that Trump had promised to save the jobs from moving to Mexico last year, received pink slips this week.

  As one woman stated "We voted for him cause he promised to save our jobs!" "He lied."

Coming soon!! More CRAZY Nazi YouTube videos!!

   We are so excited to tell our readers that new Nazi screw-up

50 years ago Folsom Prison

  It has been fifty years since Johnny Cash came to sing at Folsom Prison. He is being celebrated for his accomplishments today.

   His song of rehabilitation is a legendary part of the prison.

20 year old Florida man wins lottery

  20-year old Shane Missler of Florida won the $451 million lottery this week.

   He decided to take the $281 million cash payment and plans to help his family and others.

Senator John Tunney dies

   John Tunney, the California Senator on whom the movie "The Candidate" was based, has died.  He was 83.

   His brother stated he died at his home in Brentwood, of prostate cancer.