Sunday, January 14, 2018

In honor of MLK day

National Park fees waived on MLK Day

   All National Parks will be free admission tomorrow, MLK Day. 

Trump models himself after Hitler???

  Just watched a WWII special about Hitler coming to power. Amazing how much he sounds just like Trump, ranting and saying "Germany FIRST".  What is to become of the US???

   He denunciation of the press and using poverty to sway people to vote for him are absolutely terrifying.  If you play one of Trumps speeches and Hitler's side by side, they are so similar!

"Bait and Switch" by Calaveras County Planning

   From the moment that the Calaveras County Supervisors said they would welcome current illegal cannabis growers to come out of the shadows

Lawsuits, lawsuits and more lawsuits cost Calaveras Taxpayers

   The religious right or Alt-Right as it is known, has made it clear to the Calaveras Supervisors that they don't give a s***h*** about how many lawsuits are filed or how much it costs other taxpayers.

   All they care about is Trump, Sessions, alt-right religion and banning cannabis in Calaveras. And for elected officials to allow these so-called 'christians' to rule our government is appalling!!

Trump says: Reagan handled fake news well

   Trump tweeted that Reagan handled Fake News well during his Presidency. We do recall that it was Nancy and Chief of Staff who were responsible for control.

   Does Trump remember that after he left office, we found out he had ALZHEIMERS??? No wonder he relates to Reagan.

Republican Party is officially the party of White Supremacy!!

   Whether you call them REDNECKS, Republicans, RACISTS, religious retards or rampant Radicals, the party run by FOX Fake News makes America STINK AGAIN!!

   We do not believe there is anyone left in that political group with any morals, honor or shame!! Whether due to FOX or Bannon or Breitbart, the humiliation Trump brings to our country will take a long time to overcome.

Who should the public support for Calaveras Sheriff?

   When Kuntz dropped dead during the Butte Fire, Supervisor Oliveira and the other Supervisors interviewed and graded

Sean Penn calls trump 'disgraceful enemy of the state"

  In an Op-Ed, Sean Penn has written about Trump and his

Calaveras Sheriff DiBasilio and Supervisor Mills CORRUPT together? Taxpayers PAY!!

   We were just told by a source, after doing some checking, that the fraudulent bust that Calaveras Sheriff DiBasilio and Supervisor Mills perpetrated at the old airport in San Andreas was worse