Tuesday, January 16, 2018

A BRIT says he wants to split California

The racists keep trying to form their
own separatist world. Perhaps
they should move to Africa!!!
  A man named Paul Preston (that last name is racist scary in itself) is a Brit who says he is splitting our beautiful state in

Bannon goes to Intel Committee...

   Steve Bannon appeared at the Trump Russia Intel Committee to testify today.  He refused to answer any questions.

   He was immediately handed

Ed Stokes of Angels Camp

  Edward Harrison Stokes  July 20, 1941 to January 11, 2018

   Celebration of Life

   Ed Stokes died January 11, 2018 at his home in Angels Camp. He was 76.

   Born in Whittier to

Dr Smith....This is all bigotry and RACISM

   Dr. Prapanna Smith publicly stated that all of this Cannabis BAN initiative stuff is RACIST, they own it

Gary Tofanelli berated by residents

   A resident and cannabis grower berated properly Gary Tofanelli who allowed the waste of staff for years only to vote to ban for his religious fans.

   It was shameful and disgusting for Tofanelli to behave this way.  SHAME!!!

Lori White's husband won't stay home!!

    Lori White was nowhere to be seen at the Calaveras Supervisors meeting on January 16, 2018, but it was scary to see her husband there.

   However, her husband continues to harass people at meetings.  Was he also going to get violent?  It wasn't clear, but he did go to the podium to say paper was most important.

Car into Subway in San Andreas

   January 16, 2018 at 3 PM:  A vehicle has reportedly run into the Subway on St. Charles in San Andreas.

   Emergency personnel are responding to the scene.

So proud to be the ANTI-TRUMP voice of the Sierra Nevadas

   We continue to defend democracy, report vulgarity, racism and hate from Trump every day he is still in office.

   The SierraSentinel.com is very proud to be the voice of the SierraNevadas as be the ANTI-TRUMP voice!!

Fire reported in Forest Meadows

  UPDATE at 2:55 PM:  Fire has been stopped.

UPDATE:  First engine

Tofanelli votes for a BIG raise for himself--Lorie White had NO GUN????

  Complaints, complaints and more complaints about Gary Tofanelli's possible collusion or conspiracy with Clapp and Mills in Calaveras County, which caused Tofanelli to vote himself a big raise to Chair of the Board.

   Other criticisms are that Lori White, who was witnessed assaulting Michael Falvey, were made. Tofanelli DID nothing to BAN her from the boardroom. One witness said it was lucky for everyone that she didn't have a GUN!!!!

Bonnie Newman criticizes Tofanelli--Tofanelli could CARE LESS!!!

   During Public Comments on January 16, 2018 at the Board of Supervisor meetings, says that Tofanelli did the same thing as Cliff Edson.

  She also says the woman who assaulted someone at the last meeting, accosted her not long ago. Tofanelli told her he was NOT part of the conspiracy, but we know better.

Mark Miller says ban hurts community

  Mark Miller complained on January 16, 2017 at the Board of Supervisors about the fact that his family was burned out in the Butte Fire and now they are being destroyed again by this Board of Supervisors.

   He stated the vote shows that ideaology, instead of respect for residents, was their bad decision.

Nervous doctor tells press Trump healthy???

  We have never seen a more nervous person, and especially a doctor, who apparently gave Trump a physical exam last Friday.

   Red faced, sweaty

Good morning, Trump! " MY umbrella!"

That man will never change!
"My hair! My Hair!!"

Angels Camp Clerk forced into retirement...has needs!!

  We received information today that Mary Kelly, for some reason elected as Angels Camp City Clerk, is being forced to retire.  We understand even the water billing department is suffering!

   Is it true that due to the nature of her psychiatric needs,

Racism is a Cancer in America

   Colbert says it turns out that the two Republicans thought Trump said SH**House instead of SH** HOLE.

   That means that  there is an ASS-