Thursday, January 18, 2018

UPDATE: Georgie was adopted!!!! Adopt Georgie--at the Calaveras Animal Shelter

Georgie is a gorgeous orange and white tabby, already
neutered and ready to go home with you. Visit him at the
Calaveras Animal Shelter in San Andreas

Have Calaveras re-assess your land value immediately!

   If you own land where you were growing cannabis, it was worth quite a bit of money

Money laundering?? Eric Trump?

   And the case goes on....

   With Bannon now working for Mueller and Mueller following the money, they turn

Calaveras County must start layoffs--immediately!!

   The cost of Tofanelli's Cannabis Ban in Calaveras County will be greater than anyone thought!  First of all is the millions that must be returned to the farmers.  Then the layoffs must begin

The first CANNABIS refunds!!! Calaveras County, Tofanelli's BAN!

  On the January 23, 2018 agenda is approving the first $100,000 in a fund purposely to refund all the cannabis growers who now are denied the right to grow due to Tofanelli's BAN!

The New California WALL

The real Californians won't want us lowlife's in their
state. Is this wall high enough? I'm not paying for
the wall!!
  If those Brits and alt-right racists secede from Old California, who has to pay for the WALL?

   And if we want to visit the beach, will we need passports, or will we be forbidden from entering the world of REAL California??

Trump is the BEST at everything...

  Trump announced yesterday that he was the top, the best, at his cognitive test of any President,

Letter to the Sierra Sentinel: New California

   Dear Sierra Sentinel:

   Several friends have tried to draw my attention to New California, a plan to secede

Trump the Chump Chimp

Goldman CEO charges worker with stealing his Romanee-Conti

LaTache, Richeborg and DRC
are some of the valuable labels
under Romanee-Conti of France
  Burgundy worth millions was stolen from the Goldman Sachs CEO from his Manhatten NY apartment and sold to a

More evidence of alt-right violence to Sierra Sentinel

  As most of our readers know, we are regularly threatened by the alt-right racists in the Calaveras County area. You can't scare us or make us go away,