Saturday, January 20, 2018

Trump thanks women for celebrating his 1st year

  After seeing the hundreds of thousands of women marching throughout the country this morning, Trump announced

Motorcycle collision on Hwy 4

   January 20, 2018 at 6:30 PM:  CHP and an ambulance are at the scene of a motorcycle vs Chevy Suburban collision on Hwy 4 at Poole Station Road below Angels Camp.

  Major injuries have been indicated and the patient is being flown to Modesto.

Trump shuts down Statue of Liberty

   Although most National Parks will remain open during the Trump shutdown, the Statue of Liberty has been ordered

The POWER of women!! Vote!! Run for Office!!

  Nationwide, today we are seeing the real power of women across America.  Some because they hate TRUMP; some because they support METOO and some because they want

Republicans claim straight, but really gay????

  An example of Republicans who claim to be straight and anti-LGBT often get caught. For example Wes Goodman out of Ohio, serving his first term in the House, was turned in

Must be right-wing extremist election season...lots of GAY Repubicans!!

   We can always tell when its election season for the extremist alt-right wing nuts. They start mentioning their sexual perversions

Pope accuses Chilean victims of SLANDER???

  In a shocking statement after being asked if he supports the Bishop in Chile who has been accused of sexual abuse of children, reporters were overwhelmed.

  The Pope said the accusations were calumny (slander) and that he has seen no proof of the accusations.  Unbelievable. And the beat goes on!

Be careful about Gary Stevens as a candidate

  UPDATE:  Again, we thank a valuable anonymous source. People who care about the country and the county, before themselves.

Trump SHUTDOWN at 1 year anniversary--wants to PARTY

   Trump has been in the White House for 1 year. Republicans have control of the House and the Senate, even

Challenger to Calaveras Assessor fails to respond--Unable to handle office

   The Sierra Sentinel feels that Muetterties inability to respond to the simple question of assessed valuations of land in Calaveras County, excludes him from any consideration