Monday, January 22, 2018

Calaveras Supervisors vote to lower land values AGAIN

Tofanelli, head rat, followed by Clapper and Millipedes!!
   Despite the fact that the County Counsels office is discriminating against the Cannabis growers, and wants to take their land when they can't pay

Mamma Mia opens at SRT

  Sierra Repertory Theater presents "Mamma Mia", with opening night February 10, 2018 at the East Sonora Theater.

   For tickets call 532-3120.

Neighbor on neighbor problems handled through Sheriff!!

  Sheriff DiBasilio says they take care of Neighbor on Neighbor problems, which are common due to the number of racists that have moved into Ebbetts Pass.

  We have seen absolutely NO arrests on the crimes the unstable racist neighbors commit. NONE!!!

At the Crime meeting CHP says locals are often guilty, not tourists

   We know that CHP has tried to stop and catch the people who use the suicide lane in Hathaway Pines for passing, nearly causing at least one head-on crash.

   CHP has and we have witnessed them trying to catch these violators.  Thank you CHP. We also thank CHP for setting up their scales to stop all log trucks as they fly down the hill.

Sheriff DiBasilio says ANIMAL Cruelty is THEIR JOB

  Sheriff DiBasilio says that he is responsible for animal cruelty. We happen to know that that is BULLSH**!! 

   We have reported our wonderful dog poisoned and the Sheriff's Office does NOTHING!! DiBasilio is so full of CR**!!!!!

Oliveira takes credit for Dollar General coming to Arnold

  After Supervisor Oliveira took credit for bringing in the controversial Dollar General store on Hwy 4, one member of the public says there is crime in the neighborhood behind the store.

   DiBasilio says Joel Burnett is in charge of that and people should refer them to him as resident deputy. He didn't say how to get hold of Joel Burnett!!

Oliveria says young people without college 'get into trouble' or 'leave'

'  Supervisor Oliveira insulted all the young people who graduated from high school saying they either have to leave or they get into trouble.

   We disagree. We know many young people who do NOT get into trouble.


   Calaveras County will double taxes if Cannabis BANNED!!! Per Oliveira!!

Oliveira starts campaigning during crime meeting!! Cannabis BAN = double TAXES

  Some people left the meeting when Supervisor Oliveira started campaigning during the Crime

DiBasilio denies calls not on LOG

   One resident in Arnold stated that she has made many calls to the Sheriff's Office and not only did they not come out, but it was not put in the log for the public.

  We have many time complained that the Sheriff LIES about not putting all calls on the public daily log. 

Sheriff DiBasilio admits he's from Arnold--PotHead, Swastika

   While many people realize and knew Rick Dibasilio when he lived in Arnold, many did not know that he was a POT HEAD during that time.

   He has also been accused of having a SWASTIKA removed when he left construction and joined the cops!!

People turn in FALSE leads

   At the Arnold Crime meeting, a woman stood and complained that people are making FALSE leads to the Sheriff and the Sheriff is following up on them.

   One was a man who reportedly looks like Blake Terry, but is NOT Blake Terry. The Sheriff said NOTHING about what this woman is going through.

Sheriff DiBasilio does 3 cannabis raids a week

   One person in the audience of the Crime meeting at Independence Hall that DiBasilio does 3 marijuana cuts a week.

  People want to know why some of them cannot be used for crime in Arnold? DiBasilio says NO!!

Would you trust Lisa Muetterties to be Neighborhood WATCH???

  Not us!!! That woman is nothing but political for Oliveira and DiBasilio. She is a politician only!!!Do not trust her!

   Keep an eye on my house when I'm out of town? Forget it!!! And Tim Meutterties, same problem.

Sheriff DiBasilio says deputies should make $43 an hour??

   We aren't sure what the average wages in Calaveras County are for people like grocery clerks,

Arnold resident says MORE cops day of meeting than EVER!

   One Arnold resident stated that there were more cops in the Arnold area the day of the meeting on crime than EVER are seen around. They were after Terry and still have not caught

DiBasilio says WE are eyes and ears--what about VIOLENT RACISTS?

  Calaveras Sheriff DiBasilio stated that he needs residents to be his eyes and ears to  help catch the worst criminals.

  That is a lie and a joke.

Sheriff DiBasilio criticizes Governor and voters!

   Instead of a crime meeting, to hear WHY they can't seem to catch the criminals in Ebbetts Pass or District 3 of Calaveras County, we got a CAMPAIGN RALLY for Oliveira and DiBasilio.

   DiBasilio started off the January 11, 2018 meeting by insulting Governor Brown and the voters, blaming both for passing laws he doesn't like.  He is clearly a right wing wacko.


Monterey Bay sewage spill closes beaches

Pristeen Monterey Bay got a wakeup call this morning!
  A 4.4 million gallon sewage spill at the Marina sewage treatment plant has closed

Reckless Driving causes Hwy 4 motorcycle crash??

   According to a CHP report on January 20, 2018 around 5:45 PM CHP was dispatched to a traffic collision on Hwy 4 east of Stallion Way in Angels Camp involving an

Chains required on Hwy 4

 January 22, 2018 at 7:15 AM :  Chains are required this morning on all vehicles without 4 wheel drive at Tamarack on Hwy 4.

   Drive carefully. It is supposed to rain off and on in the lower elevations through this afternoon.

Eagles and Patriots in SuperBowl 2018