Tuesday, January 23, 2018

To those who served RECALLs on two FAILURES!!

   We want to thank the two who stood up and bravely spoke and served RECALL papers to two of the three worst Supervisors in the history of Calaveras.

   The ALT-RIGHT takeover of our county is a sad thing to see. Their religion is not Christian, it's Trumpian and their HATE for everyone who doesn't agree with their weird beliefs is atrocious.


Shocking: Supervisor Mills IS a Crook!!!

   During the January 23, 2018 Calaveras Supervisor meeting Supervisor Mills presented a bill for $175 to be paid for by taxpayers for copies he wanted

Calaveras Community Foundation Grant applications due

   Applications for grants from the Calaveras Community Foundation for 2018 are due on February 15, 2018.

   CCF is, again, focusing on initiatives. The three initiatives for 2018 are Seniors Initiative, Youth Initiative and Community Enrichment Initiative. Check their website for  more details.

School shooting in Kentucky

   Another school shooting, this time in Senator McConnells home state of Kentucky.  Two were apparently killed.

   Reportedly 17 others were injured when a 15 year old boy pulled out a gun and began shooting at his high school.

Calaveras Supervisors Tofanelli and Mills served with RECALLS

   During the Calaveras Supervisor meeting on January 23, 2017 both Supervisor Mills of District 4 and Supervisor and self-appointed Chair Tofanelli were served with RECALL

Guidici challenging Clapp for Supervisor in Calaveras

   Bruce Guidici of Rancho Calaveras has filed papers to run against the controversial Clyde Clapp, under much scrutiny due to reported court cases.

   Guidici, a fiscal conservative, says no one on the board currently has any fiscal management skills. HE also says that we must regulate  cannabis or completely lost control of the industry.

Trump begins a trade war: Tariffs on washing machines???

  Trump is not the smartest cookie in the jar and now he has placed a tariff on washing machines and solar panels made in china, like Samsung.

   Since most American companies also have their product made in China, what is he thinking?  No one knows!  No one EVER knows!

Collision on Hwy 12

   January 23, 2018 at 7 AM:  A traffic collision has been reported on Hwy 12 near Pettinger Road in the Wallace area.

   One person appears to have a head injury. CHP is at the scene. Be cautious if headed in that direction.