Saturday, January 27, 2018

Adopt a kitty!

In Calaveras County you can visit the kitties that need homes in
San Andreas at the 'cat house'!

Motorcycle vs. Porta potty

   January 27, 2018 at 3 PM:  A motorcycle left Locke Road near Brandt Road and hit a porta-potty in Lockeford.

  CHP is at the scene. An ambulance responded due to major injuries.

Trump: "Make SPERM great again!"

   "Every sperm is sacred!!! Make SPERM great again!"

Marti Crane is 68 years old....

   One of the regular speakers (every single item she mouths off), at the Calaveras Supervisors, came to the podium on January 23, 2018, to announce that she is 68 years old.

   She says that she has been a woman for ALL of that time.  Is she sure (proverbial candidate for office) she isn't a trans??? Why would she have to state that??

Dollar General moving quickly in Angels Camp

   It is amazing how the Dollar General Company can put together a new store.  In Angels Camp, the most recent location, a brand new building is moving right along.

   As in Arnold, it isn't likely to hurt the hardware stores, but it will impact the grocery stores, especially for sodas, and snacks.

Go doggie, gone doggie, dog gone!

Yeah, lol, gone south!!!?????

Goldrush, Mother Lode Internet sells out!!

   The local internet company that started out being called Goldrush, then became Mother Lode Internet, has now been

Why did Melania stay home???

  Since it was their wedding anniversary and Melania had planned to go to Davos with her idiot husband, some

Are you an angry white man.....????


He should be afraid, very afraid, of Putin!!
   Trump is regularly called Xenophobic and we wondered what is the specific definition of the word ?   Whether there is

Trump orders new fridge for Air Force I -- $24 million

   The Trumpster says the refrigerators in Air Force I are not good enough an he wants them replaced with upgrades.

   The cost to the taxpayers for this little fix is on $24 million.  Trump costs more than he's ever going to be worth?

Gary Tofanelli's business in Stockton

Port City Steel on Pilgrim Street in Stockton