Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Another West Wing Scandal

  It turns out that the scandal of Rob Porter, who resigned from Trumps staff after two ex-wives

Overturned car in Vallecito

   February 7, 2018 at 7:30 PM:  A car has overturned on Parrotts Ferry Road near Natural Bridges in Vallecito.

   An ambulance and tow truck are responding to the scene.  Two CHP are currently at the location.

Gay athletes refuse to meet Pence

   There is no law that says Olympic athletes are forced to meet with homophobic VP's, is there?

   At least one Olympic ice skater has now refused to meet with Pence. He says Pence helped fund religious conversion therapy.  Sounds like Pence!!

He's really BALD....

Televangelist says Jesus is flu shot you need????

  As an example of how wild and crazy these right wing evangelicals are, Televangelist

Mr. Rogers stamp coming to Post Office

   The US Postal Service has announced that a new stamp will be available to customers after a ceremony on March 23, 2018 at the Mr. Rogers studio.

    It will be a Forever Stamp. This follows the announcement that Tom Hanks will play Mr. Rogers
in an upcoming movie.

Fire hydrant struck by vehicle in Rancho

   CCWD reports that they are working to restore water service to Rancho Calaveras after a vehicle struck a hydrant on Garner Place early this morning.

   They are hoping to restore service by this afternoon, as crews are working on the problem now.

New City of Angels Camp Administrator visits businesses

   For the first time in the 18 years that we are aware of, the City Administrator is going around to visit business owners in town.

   Melissa Eads, accompanied by

Top Trump staffer resigns--abuse allegations

   Apparently two ex-wives of Rob Porter, one of Trumps top secretaries and contributor to the State of the Union address, have accused him of abuse, NBC reports.

   Yesterday Trump defended him totally. Today, Porter resigned.

Kylie Jenner names new baby 'STORM'???

   Did Kylie Jenner just name her new baby after Stormy Daniels, Trumps old playmate?

   Why would she do that, 'Stormy'????

Another Trump White House shakeup rumors?

   Just as happened with Nixon, Trump is engaging in considering shakeups in the White House, such as replacing Sessions with

Did you ever see a BIGFOOT kiss a TOAD??

It's scary!!! Photos????

CHP holds class for teens in Valley Springs

   The San Andreas CHP office will hold a drivers education class for teens and their parents at the Community United Methodist Church in Valley Springs.

    On February 22, 2018 from 6 PM to 8 PM teens and their parents can learn changes in the law and safe driving practices.  The class is free. Call 754-3541 to sign up.

Tom Pratt for Assembly

This is an easy one!!!

How low will you go???

  A reader asked us 'how low will you go' in insulting Trump?  First of all, how low did

NO MORE TAXES in Calaveras!!!

Dictator Trump wants a military PARADE!!!

      Dictator Trump ordered the Pentagon to plan a multi million dollar parade for Washington DC on the 4th of July because he wants to

OP-ED: Corruption of Calaveras Law Enforcement

   Since the Sierra Sentinel uncovered the horrid corruption at the Calaveras Sheriff and District Attorney's offices, we have only been MORE intent