Sunday, February 18, 2018

Daily DC soap opera stealing attention from Governor's race???

    Gavin Newsome feels that all the daily DC drama from the soap opera Trump is stealing attention away from the Governor's race here in California.

   Newsomes main competitor is Antonio Villaraigosa of Los Angeles, who is very popular in Southern California.


UPDATE!! Buster adopted in Arnold!! Mew! I'm Buster and I'm waiting for YOU!!

I need a home. Please come visit me at the Calaveras Cat House in
San Andreas. I'm already neutered and have gorgeous green eyes!

Trump: "They are laughing their asses off at us..."

   Trump has been tweeting nearly all night long, so concerned that people will know he in not legitimate and so the Russians succeeded.

   They are laughing their asses off at us, because we got TRUMP. The Russians (Putin) played kingmaker and threw our country into chaos and hatred.

Russian Indictment...part I--Intent to Conspire against US election process

   The 37 page indictment of the 13 Russians and their companies is long and complicated, but one thing we've learned so far:

President's Day Weekend---Without a legitimate President!!!!