Monday, February 19, 2018

Callaway can't get enough locals to serve on committee

   Most likely due to her length of time in office previously (25 years) and many mistakes causing residents to suffer job loss, property value

Chugging into the mist...

Somewhere in England!!!!

Couple who took in shooter

The couple who took in the shooter knew he had many rifles and

Letter to the Editor: Arnold Post Office problems

   Dear Sierra Sentinel editor:

   It's been awhile since I've heard you writing anything about postal employees. Well, since I'm

Goats out on Hwy 49

   February 19, 2018 at 10:25 AM:  Several goats have been reported in the roadway on Hwy 49 near Von Kleiben Road in the Columbia area.

   CHP is en route to the scene. Be cautious until they can be rounded up.

Can any Calaveras District 3 candidate bring people together???

  As you know, we have followed the unfortunate tenure of Supervisor Oliveira, who made many promises when

Adventures of the Gun-totin, Short Racist Coward, the TROLL and his gal thief!!

 "Hooray!!!! An injured deer on Ridge Road in Sutter Creek. On ma' way.

   Lots easier to get one that's already wounded

Mothers and children want gun control

   Although the Congressional Republicans and Trump are bought and paid for by the NRA and refuse to help save our children, at least someone is.

   Students and Mom's are going to walk and have a campaign to try and prevent thousands more from dying at the hands of the NRA lovers.

Collision on Hwy 4

   UPDATE at 9:20 AM:  This incident was reported a 2nd time because no CHP showed up. At first it was believed to be a 2nd collision.

Trump: I'm going to meet with Florida students....????????

Yoda looking for a home

Yoda has curled ears. You can meet him
at the Calaveras Cat House in San Andreas.
He's already neutered and he's adorable!

Russian Indictment--Part 2

   The indictment of the 13 Russians does not include anything about the hacking into the Democratic computer emails.

   Mueller has yet to address the email releases or the meeting at Trump Tower regarding the hacked emails. Trumps idiot tweetstorm over the weekend proves his panic over the investigation.

Chains required on Hwy 4

   February 19, 2018:  Chains are required this morning on Hwy 4 about a mile east of Arnold for vehicles without 4 wheel drive.

   Slight flurries of snow were seen at the 3500' level. Drive carefully.