Wednesday, February 21, 2018

CNN Town Hall--Powerful and Clear--CHANGES !!!!

   After watching part of the worthless 'listening' session at Trump's White House, where he invited fellow supporters who actually PRAISED him, to say we were

AR-15's in Florida schools now!!

We'll show YOU kids!! More guns, not less guns!!
More violence, not less violence!
   Instead of doing something to end gun violence like banning assault rifles or increasing the age limit to get guns, Trump yelled back at the children

Trump only allowed "TRUMPERs" in the meeting???

   It just about made you sick to hear anyone who had just been through the Valentines Day Slaughter in Parkland, praise this sicko

Activist Workshop planned in Murphys

   The Calaveras County Democrats are announcing that they are holding a Workshop for Activists on Saturday March 10, 2018.

   It will be held at Murphys Suites in Murphys from 10 AM to 2 PM right on Hwy 4.  The cost is only $5 each.  What a wonderful idea.

Did Bannon get home loans in trade for White House job promise?

   There are questions about two loans that Steve Bannon received in late 2016 and early 2017 from Stephen Calk of Federal Savings Bank.

   Was Calk promised a big job

Injuries at CalFire construction site in Altaville

UPDATE:  The injured are being flown to UC Davis.

   UPDATE:  A third ground ambulance

American AXIS of EVIL!!

  So sad but true, that the children of the USA are victims of the American AXIS of EVIL!!

   They are peripheral damage of dead children

Some Presidents have had kitchen cabinets..

   Kitchen cabinets are not uncommon among our Presidents here in the US to get advice from regular folks.

   Trump, however, is the first to have a

Televangelist Billy Graham dead at 99

   One thing you can say about Billy Graham, besides the fact that he made snide remarks about Jews while at the Nixon White House, and later admitted he probably could have done more on