Wednesday, February 28, 2018

CHP gets new Commissioner

California Highway Patrol got a new Commissioner
today. They continue to weed out the dirty cops, the
violent cops and the racist cops from their force.
Congratulations Warren Stanley!

Calaveras County in the New York Times???

   Who would ever believe that a little county like Calaveras would be even mentioned in the big city paper, The New York Times?

   Well, leave it to the idiots

Placerville girl on the Voice!

Her last name is Lovey. She sang an Elvis song and was picked by
Allysha. She's only 17.

Eagles coming to Golden 1 Center

   If you want tickets to see the Eagles perform, you better call and reserve them

Hope Hicks...member of the family---GONE!!!

   After spending 9 hours being questioned and knowing Mueller has even a longer time planned for her, Trumps favorite child, Hope Hicks quit the White House today.

  It won't stop Mueller from pulling her in to find out about the phony lies for Donald Jr's meeting with the Russians at Trump Tower, though.

NFL says bye-bye to Papa John's Pizza

   Due to pressure from the owner of Papa John's Pizza, who attempted to exert pressure over the NFL teams to punish players who kneeled last year, the NFL has severed ties to the pizza man.
   The new pizza sponsor will be Pizza Hut. Good for the NFL. You cannot allow political nut cases who love Trump, to dictate to your teams.

No Fired Cop or PTSD military allowed weapons?

   We believe firmly that California needs to further tighten the gun laws.  Trump this morning complained that California is not helping him

City of Angels Camp Police cutting hours

  UPDATE:  As everyone is aware, the comment below is shared by many, including the Sierra Sentinel and the Calaveras County Grand Jury, who says they need to resign

Big storm coming in tonight

   February 28, 2018:  National weather service reports that Northern California is going to receive a big storm starting late Wednesday night and lasting for at least three days.

   A couple of inches of rain at lower elevations and the most snow in one storm since 2011, according to their report.  So batten down the hatches, get out the batteries and candles.

And another NRA supporter 'bites the dust'!

   Dick's Sporting Goods CEO came out this morning, saying that they are banning all