Thursday, March 15, 2018

General McMaster is gone!!!

   Trumps replacement for Flynn as head of National Security was General HR McMaster.
   Now Trump is also getting rid of him, He is still a General, though, so he will have to be placed somewhere else unless he agrees to retire.

Junior is getting a DIVORCE!! ??? Filed today!!!

 Donald Jr's wife Vanessa has filed for divorce from Daddy's big boy. They have five kids together.

  It is going to cost him plenty.  But like Daddy's first wife said when she left, "Don't get mad!  Get everything!'

No MUTTS allowed in the Calaveras Assessors Office

I'm tiny but that's why I like

UPDATE: ADOPTED!!!! Just look at Tabitha!!

Loving Tabitha is waiting for you at the Calaveras Animal Shelter
in San Andreas. What a gorgeous kitty!

Making a deal with the DEVIL in Calaveras District 3???

  In Calaveras County's District 3, everyone is talking about which devil to make a deal with!

  No one seems

Trumps campaign manager Manafort flips????

   We don't really see any need for Trumps campaign manager Paul Manafort to flip on his boss and tell all to Mueller.

   After all, he only faces a 350 year sentence for the crimes he is now charged with, so he can relax! Let the others talk!  I'm loyal to my hero!!!

Project XXX Homeless Park at Calaveras Government Center??

   There are a few people who don't think its a great idea to improve the Calaveras government center grounds to make it livable and comfortable, calling it Project XXX,

And the Russia investigation circles around Trump

   As the investigation into Russia and Trump continues, the closer Mueller gets to the Trump White House oval office.

  Now he has subpoenaed all documents at the Trump organization with financial ties to Russia. No wonder Trump is so grumpy and that Melania may have had a confidant or better (an aide, which he has now thrown out on his ear)!

Joann Inks, Calaveras Treasurer Tax Collector

   Joann Marie Inks was born on July 24, 1935 at the family farm home on the prairie near Rockham, South Dakota to parents Arthur

Rainbow for St. Patricks Day

Photo by BP from her deck this morning in the Santa Clara Valley. WOW!

BREAKING NEWS: 950 ton bridge collapses in Miami

    March 15, 2018:  A pedestrian bridge under construction at a Miami university, has collapsed onto a 6 lane roadway, crushing several vehicles.

    The 950 ton bridge had not been opened to pedestrians.  Multiple fatalities are reported and
vehicles that are under the bridge are still not accessible.

Chains on Hwy 4

   March 15, 2017 at 7:30 AM:  Chains are required on vehicles without 4 wheel drive above Arnold on Hwy 4.

  Another heavier snow storm is expected in this afternoon, so be prepared.