Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Sir Ringo, if you please

Ringo Starr has been officially knighted by the Queen of England
Yes, Sir!!!

Billionaire Mercer owns Cambridge Analytica

   Since Billionaire Mercer owns Cambridge Analytica and Bannon works for Mercer (Breitbart), Bannon also runs

All dirty, racist or fired cops invited: FREE DINNER in Arnold

   We have been told by a source that Calaveras District 3 Supervisor Oliveira has sent personal invitations to all the lying, the dirty, the fired and useless

Daffodil Hill will NOT open this year

   According to the ranch owners, Daffodil Hill will not be opening to the public this year.

  They say there has been extensive damage done to the daffodils due to weather.

Oliveira can't control Calaveras Building Department!! Where is Todd Barr???

   A man named Ed Short, who used to be a Fire Marshall of some kind, was hired to run

Mark Anthony Conditt from a GODLY family

Sweet little innocent looking
   As authorities learn more about the Austin bomber, we are told that his mother homeschooled him and that he attended some

Bombing suspect blows himself up!

   Early this morning a SWAT team pulled over the car of the Austin bombing suspect

Colonel Ralph Peters quits FOX's "propaganda machine"

   Veteran FOX News analyst retired Colonel Ralph Peters wrote that FOX, "in my view, has degenerated from providing a legitimate and much needed outlet for conservative

San Francisco BANS all FUR sales, and Calaveras???

   The San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted to enact a ban on all fur sales within the City limits.

   Now that's the

Melania Trump on anti-bullying?????

Maybe if she wore her
favorite outfit!!
  Melania Trump yesterday actually went out to a public place and spoke about being against

Putin OWNS Trump!!!

  Former FBI agent Clint Watts, after hearing that Trump congratulated