Saturday, March 24, 2018

Cambridge Analytica raided in London

  Thanks to the whistle blower who has been seen on CNN giving interviews, London offices of Cambridge Analytica were

One woman with a sign on Hwy 4

   As I drove through Arnold, it began to snow and there in front of Big Trees Market on Hwy 4 was ONE woman

March For Our Lives!!!

STOP the NRA!! Vote against anyone who takes money from the NRA!!
 Register and VOTE!!!
These kids are marching for ALL of US!!!

Sheriff DiBasilio restricts CARRY PERMITS!! Makes enemies!!!

   CANDYROCK Porn site!

    We applaud Sheriff Rick DiBasilio for his courage and feel for him while he is a victim of an onslaught by gun thugs

Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Larger than the state of Alaska and growing!!!