Friday, April 13, 2018

City of Angels Camp RAISING your TAXES???

I love taxes!! My church says I
should pay more taxes!! I'm
for me, Linda Hermann!!
  At the Angels Camp City Council meeting on Tuesday April 17, 2018 the last item on the Regular Agenda is to RAISE TAXES. It will be held at the Firehouse at 6 PM.  Something corrupt

Murder-Suicide in Pine Grove

   A man in Pine Grove killed his girlfriend and his father, and then turned the gun on himself in Pine Grove yesterday.

   Their 4 year old daughter was in the home, but did not witness the killings.

Congratulations to Bank of America

   More and more corporations are choosing to cease doing business with makers of military style firearms.

   Today Bank of America joined Wells Fargo in pulling all lending or services from those who manufacture military style guns. Congratulations, BofA.


  What?  Fear of Friday the 13th does have a real name.  It is said that 10% of the population are superstitious and avoid

'Scooter' gets pardon by Trump

   Scooter Libby, convicted of felony Perjury and Obstruction of Justice in 2007, was top aide to Cheney during Bush 2's years.

   Trump today gave him a pardon, which does NOT take away the FELONY record, but is intended to tell Manafort and others who may lie to protect Trump, that he can pardon them later.

Moral Republican paid $1.6 mill for Playmate who got abortion

   Michael Cohen, it seems, has been a busy boy for his fellow Republicans, who tend to get

California cut into 3 parts?

Calaveras County would be in the
North California section, along with
San Franciso and Santa Clara counties,
where the Silicon Valley lies.
   Billionaire Tim Draper of San Francisco says he has 600,000 signatures to get his ballot initiative into the November election.

   At risk is cutting California into 3 parts; north, south and California.
   What do you think?

Tapes??? Cohen made tapes??? FBI got tapes!!!

   Of all the stupid ideas we've seen so far in this Trump investigation, the attorney Michael Cohen's making tapes of conversations to play later for Trump is probably

Did you ever watch a FAT NAZI .....

....put on a giant red

Comey says Trump wanted investigation...

    According to the Comey book, Trump asked him if he would investigate whether or not there was a tape