Saturday, April 14, 2018

UPDATE: Adopted --Adopt an Aristo-Cat: Prince William

A beautiful soft prince of a kitty with golden eyes. Visit with him
at the Cat House in San Andreas, Calaveras Animal Services.

Bicycle Hit and Run at Camanche--Watch for bikes on Hwy 4

   April 14, 2018 at 1 PM:  A bicycle was struck by a vehicle who then left the scene on Camanche Parkway on the Amador County side of the lake.

   CHP is responding. No injuries have been indicated.  Be careful to watch for bikes on Hwy 4 between Murphys and Angels Camp.

White firefighter shoots black teen

   A white Detroit firefighter was arrested after shooting a 14 year old black boy who is shown on video knocking on his door when he got lost.

   The firefighter's story was completely different from what the video showed.  The boy will live, but authorities say this is not the firs time racially motivated actions were recorded about the firefighter.

AVOID the RACISTS!! They are DANGEROUS Trumpers!!!

   The women are definitely the worst. And they don't just hate minorities,

Trump attempting to WAG the DOG!!

   Capable of trying anything to change the subject from porn stars and Russian prostitutes, Trump bombed Syria last night.

   His attempts at looking Presidential, especially involving the military fail BIGLY!!  WAGGING THE DOG, WAGGING THE DOG!!