Friday, April 27, 2018

All those Murphys Creek Theater promises.....

   Around 10 years ago, Dixon Collins was on the Board of the Murphys Creek Theater and Graham Green was running the group.

   Green made no bones about wanting his own theatre.

Olympians refuse to go to White House

  Citing political differences (gee, you think), three Olympians refused to attend the White House event today.

   Lindsey Vonn, Gus Kenworthy and Adam Rippon were those who did not attend because of Trump.

Now Tom Brokaw is accused of harassment

  A woman who worked for NBC when Tom Brokaw was an anchor, has come forward to say that he tried to kiss her and came to her room late one night.

   Brokaw denies either encounter. What will NBC do now?

TAXES, TAXES, TAXES in Angels Camp--Linda Hermann

Kiss me twice and I'll raise
your taxes, hmmmmm!
   The Angels Camp City Council meeting for Tuesday, May 1, 2018 has been moved to the Bret

Bidding for Calaveras County--Tree Removal

  Calaveras County is now accepting bids for tree removal due to the mortality issue. A pre-bid meeting

The Tea Potty died and went to Trumpland....

Get off the potty, Ronny Jackson!
On to the next weirdo!!
   The Tea Potty bunch, who always claimed to be NON-racist, and only said they cared about property rights and the deficit,

What in the heck is INCEL?

   An investigation into the van killer in Toronto earlier this week has resulted in learning that he got his anger and desire to kill on an INCEL website. (IN means Involuntarily

The two Koreas make PEACE

   And smartly without Trump anywhere, the two leaders of the Koreas signed an agreement to officially end the Korean War.

   Is it possible they saw that the U.S. is being led by a total nut case and that they are among the new world leaders.