Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Jon Ellis takes over PD meeting

  Only towards the end of the Planned Development meeting did Lisa Meutterties stop Jon Ellis, who had basically hijacked the meeting that Supervisor Oliveira set up at Independence

City of Angels Camp needs new fire truck???

Isn't it enough that the
public has to put up with
Linda Hermann????
   According to a press release we just received the City of Angels Camp is adding another agenda item to TONIGHT's

Angels Camp's Councilwoman Hermann should RESIGN--Meeting at 6 PM Bret Harte

   The City of Angels Camp has long been a den of corruption, but now this woman, who was not even elected to be a council person,

Calaveras Supervisor Oliveira meeting tonight at 6 PM

   At 6 PM tonight at Independence Hall Supervisor Oliveira and his Planning Commissioner Muetterties are holding a Town Hall concerning

Do you celebrate May Day this way???

...An elderly lady finds a little basket of flowers at her front door!
A very nice way to celebrate May Day!!

Car stuck near White Pines Park

   May 1, 2018 at 1:10 PM:  A traffic hazard has been reported; a truck that is stuck on Blagen Road near Dunbar Road at White Pines Park.

    A tow truck and CHP plus the USFS is responding to the area.

John Kelly says he did not....

   Chief of Staff to Trump says although many staff employees say he said it that...

   ...I did not call Trump and IDIOT!!!  He doesn't say what else he may have called him.

Over the river .... ooops!

CHP photo
   During the hail storm yesterday on the pass of Hwy 50 this truck slipped off the roadway and landed in the

DeAngelo's wheel chair an ACT??? Dirty Cop!!!

   Have you ever been in court and watched a person you witnessed the day before. having no problem walking normally, actually DRAG