Friday, May 18, 2018

Supervisor Oliveira becomes a Democrat....

The newest Democrat in
Calaveras County!
Michael Oliveira,
congratulations! You saw
the light???
   We were somewhat shocked to hear that Calaveras District 3 Supervisor Oliveira received the endorsement of the SEIU

How does a FAT Nazi clean 10 years worth of leaves and debris off his roof????

Heil DADDY!  Just like you taught me. To steal and
play with fire! Aren't you proud???
   Simple!  Just like his Nazi DADDY taught him, you start a bunch of fires on the

High School shooting in Texas

  Well, of course in Texas!  The most prolific GUN capitol of the free world has to have school shooting massacres.

   We understand that 10 were killed and 10 others wounded. Peripheral damage to the NRA!!

And the witch hunt continues.....

Hey Mueller...he may be headed for the Calaveras County Fair and
Frog Jump...check it out!!