Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Comcast competes with Disney for FOX

   Both Disney and Comcast are bidding for 21st Century Fox assets, minus FOX News. Comcast is offering all cash.

   Disney would benefit greatly from the purchase and would allow FOX to spin off assets tax free somehow.  They would dominate video streaming and compete with Netflix if successful in their bid.

When people have NO respect for anothers property....Another $6,500

Photo # 4 taken May 21, 2018 at 11:30 AM
   UPDATE:  Our newest neighbor directly behind us has offered to watch out for the scum who would trespass and damage someone else's land.

   These creeps have to cross his or Steven Butts' land first to even get to ours. So what is Steven Butts up to these days?

How many banks in the U.S.?

   We were shocked to learn that there are now 5600 banks in the United States.

   Most investors in the big picture feel that a lot of consolidation is coming before the next crash hits.

CCWD more than doubles water rates

   After their "public meeting' today the Calaveras County Water District voted to increase water rates, not only per cubic foot, but to eliminate the minimum 1000

Caltrans Ebbetts Pass: Make work and "MILK IT"!!

"Milking it" means to make
a good job last longer than
it really should! Caltrans
regular practice???
  Unfortunately, Ebbetts Pass has an out of control Caltrans maintenance yard. When there is snow on the ground, they handle it fairly well, but when its sunny they have to "MAKE WORK"!

Unattended burn pile in Murphys

   May 23, 2018 at 12:10 PM:  Firefighters are responding to a reported unattended burn pile at Hwy 4 and

How to trick the voters into wanting more taxes???

   At the Calaveras Supervisors meeting May 22, 2018 a consultant hired to get more taxes passed by Calaveras voters in November

Greg Stark is head of Calaveras deputies UNION??? Did DiBasilio order?

   Deputy Greg Stark came before the Calaveras Supervisors yesterday May 22, 2018 to complain about a letter he said is going around about bad morale, many citizens complaints,

Who's son spoke with a Cannabis farmer at the Fair

   A grower who had a booth at the Calaveras Fairgrounds said he spoke with one of the sons

Gas station owner in Mountain Ranch may close due to ban

   The owner of a gas station in Mountain Ranch came to the Calaveras Supervisors to announce that due to the ban on cannabis, that he is losing two to three thousand dollars a week.

  He said that if nothing changes by Sunday, that he will have to close down and 7 more people will be out of work.  These Supervisors do not care!

Public comments on Calaveras Supervisors Mental Health Month

   After the Calaveras Supervisors announced that May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Then a member of the public mentioned that many in Calaveras County now suffer from depression because of this Board of Supervisors.

   Another comment we received was that some on the Calaveras Supervisors are the most needy of Mental Health treatment, not surprisingly.

Trump says midterms not that important...

   Trump had a speech written for him that he gave to the Pro-Life PAC. He was reading it

Republican leaders voting Democrat??

   In order to preserve our union, our democracy and our freedom of the press, many Republican leaders are now admitting that Trump is nothing but a destructive force.

   Many are coming our publicly telling people to vote Democrat, just to retain the rule of law and balance of power until Trump is out.  They are as scared as we are.

Sinkhole on the White House lawn??

   There is a growing sinkhole on the White House lawn, just outside the Press office. Is someone