Thursday, May 24, 2018

Want to move to Hawaii?? Cheap?

This is what its like to live in Hawaii's volcano country. Giant
cracks have opened up even though there isn't any lava yet.

Collision in Glencoe

   May 24, 2018 at 12 Noon:  A car hit a deer that is still in the roadway attempting to get up on Rich Gulch at Hwy 26 in Glencoe.
   A tow truck is responding for the car. Sadly CHP will shoot and dispose of the deer.

Did Mills and Langan set up Oliveira--So much dirty politics in Calaveras

   What 7 page memo?  That is the response we are all receiving from Calaveras County's

Comment from Racist gun freak--DeBasilio and Stark together

  We don't often publish the filth that the Alt-Right racist Trump people send us but think this one is important for

Calaveras Builders Association Alert!!

    To all Calaveras Builders:

I have experienced a volume

Trump fails, humiliated by North Korea....

   To try and save some face, Trump has cancelled the summit he so bragged about

Evangelicals finally see the LIGHT?? Demise of Christianity?

   This morning on Morning Joe, an editorial about how evangelical  'Christians' have been willing to sell their soul

NFL kisses Trumps A**

   Bending down low, the NFL owners first kissed his ring and then kissed Trump's A** yesterday, taking away the First Amendment rights of its players.  It is also a racist decision.

    They are, according to the new rule issued by Trump, not allowed to kneel during the National Anthem.  This is a sad day for football fans. Trump is ruling everything like a dictator.

Chance of rain tomorrow

   Good news if it happens! The weather service says there is a slight chance of rain for Calaveras County on Friday.

   Mostly, the indication is that showers may fall in the Sierras, but we are hoping some will reach the lower foothills.