Sunday, May 27, 2018

Car runs off Obyrnes Ferry Road

  May 27, 2018 at 4:20 PM:  A car reportedly ran off Obyrnes Ferry road near the bridge on the Tuolumne County side.

     The car is 40' down the embankment, but there are no injuries indicated. A tow truck is responding.

Motorcycle vs. car in Ione

  May 27, 2018 at 4 PM:  CHP are at the scene of a motorcycle vs. car collision on Hwy 88 near Village Drive in Ione.

   An ambulance and tow truck are responding to the scene.

Caltrans wants you to stop littering! Fraud and waste, shameful Caltrans

   Caltrans has issued an alert, asking California residents to stop littering the highways, as it costs Caltrans

Nazi's make the best gardeners?

Yes, Nazi women are as evil as their
Nazi men!  But they can swing a hoe!!!lol
  We think Nazi's make the very best gardeners! Yes, they are stupid and lazy, but

Alan Bean, astronaut, dies at 86

   Alan Bean was a NASA astronaut and the 4th man to walk on the moon.

   He has died at age 86.

Danika Patrick crashes at Indy

   In the planned last race of her career, Danika Patrick has crashed her car at the Indy 500.

   She was only one turn two when the crash occurred.  We aren't sure if she was injured!

UPDATE: Adopted!!!Sweet Marmalade needs a home

Marmalade is available for adoption.  Visit her at the Cat House
in San Andreas at the Calaveras Animal Shelter

How much worse can Calaveras Supervisors get?

   After the unbelievably rowdy Calaveras Supervisor meeting on Tuesday May 22, 2018, people are wondering how much worse and more

The Sierra Sentinel will never stop!!!

   No, the Sierra Sentinel will never stop being the Anti-Trump of the Sierra Nevadas, the Anti-racist, Anti-dirty cop,

The FIVE WIVES CLUB!! Now don't call us names, honey bunch!!

Oh, Ollie baby, Mikey honey lamb. Please send us money!
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No question about it....

Corrupt Calaveras Supervisors selective code enforcement?

   The Calaveras Supervisors (specifically, we remember Mills) ordered the Code Enforcement department to come