Thursday, June 7, 2018

2 million votes left to count in California

   While the primary election of June 5, 2018 may seem to be over, actually there are still over 2 million votes left to process.

   According to the state registrar 2.1 vote by mail ballots are left and 380,000 provisional ballots have to be checked and tallied.

When a TRUE criminal is turned in by a WOMAN...

   What does a TRUE criminal do when he is turned in by a woman, be it a fellow worker

Fireworks cause most fires in U.S. on July 4

  According to CalFire 2 out of every 5 fires reported are caused by fireworks, more than any other cause.

   In an average year, fireworks start 18,500 fires, cause an average of 3 deaths, 40 civilian injuries
and $43 million in property damage. Why are they not BANNED??!!

CalFire seizes 49,000 lbs of fireworks - Thank you, CalFire

   Calfire has apparently been investigating a ring of fireworks importing, transporting and selling,

So many Nazi's, so little time...

   We recently received three new videos of Calaveras Nazi's in compromising

Guiliani: "Two hamburgers short of a picnic?"

In Israel, Guiliani waving a scarf and dancing
with a bunch of women!  Class???? 
Maybe three hamburgers short of a picnic!
Three wives later and he's still looking???

Guest Speaker at Calaveras Democrats

   Carla Jean Neal, who is the Democratic candidate in November for District 5 Assembly, will be the guest speaker for

Bear cub killed by USFS

   All around Arnold the talk is about people who happened to drive by and see that a USFS vehicle struck and killed a bear cub near

July 28 Calaveras' Annual Day of Shame coming...

Thank you, readers

   The Sierra Sentinel wants to thank our thousands of regular readers for making us grow into a widely read website about

Colin Kaepernick plans to subpoena Trump and Pence

   Colin Kaepernicks attorneys are preparing subpoenas for Trump and Pence, who they say colluded to keep Kaepernick from

Mayor Folendorf WARNS city residents

   After the churches in the audience and on the Angels Camp City Council ranted and raved against cannabis in the city, Mayor Folendorf warned the council members

Trump hires people who know history, too!

   No problem that the President of the United States is known around the world as an

Trump really knows his history...War of 1812

    Another leak has revealed that Trump was on the phone with the Prime Minister of Canada when he became upset and blamed Canada for burning down the White House during the War of 1812.

   Of course, Canada didn't exist as a country until 50 years later.  Trump is more than a MORON!! It was the British who burned down the White House.

Collision on Hwy 49

   June 7, 2018 at 10:45 AM:  A traffic collision was reported on Hwy 49 near Big Bar Road outside Mokelumne Hill.

   An ambulance and fire personnel are responding to the scene. Be cautious if in the area.

Cop says passenger not a FLIGHT risk!

May be accused of 'picking up chicks'!
   This Portland, Oregon cop noticed a chicken walking in the middle of the road and stopped and

WalMart selling Napa wines

   WalMart has begun selling distinct Napa Valley wines and some from Italy.

   Most are around $11 a bottle.

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters...on Trump

  In an interview on CNN last night, Lt. Col. Ralph Peters explained that he refused to extend his contract with, and left FOX

Pickup vs. power pole in Escalon

   June 7, 2018 at 6 AM:  A pickup has reportedly struck a power pole on Lone Tree Road in Escalon.

   No injuries have been indicated. PG&E has been notified of low wires now hanging over the roadway.