Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Corker says...CULT!!

   Bob Corker is finally talking truth to power as a retiring Republican, the party that does not exist anymore.

   Corker said today that it is now the cult of Trump.

Trump loves those racists!

Cuomo turned Stewart every which way but loose
tonight on his CNN show.
   Chris Cuomo interviewed Corey Stewart, the Senate candidate in Virginia with close ties to

Public Defender gets unlimited funds?

 UPDATE:  Supervisor Garamendi countered DA Yook by saying the Public Defender is dedinitely part of Public Safety.

DiBasilio does NOT want DA snooping around

  We have learned that DiBasilio, who is running for Calaveras Sheriff and Captain Macedo have recruited certain Supervisors to fight against the DA Yook having a DA

Calaveras Code enforcement has quotas? Illegal!!

   At the Calaveras Supervisors budget hearings on June 13, 2018 Code Enforcement came

Are you a CRAZY Neighbor from HELL?? # 42

    When you have a retail store, people come in all the time and talk about

District 4 Supervisor Mills is a "DEAD DUCK"!!

Oh, Mr. Mills! Get UP!
Reinke and McBanus need you!!
   The wacky Calaveras Supervisor who has been exposed for his lies, his false reports, and extreme positions on everything, is most

Olivera of Calaveras District 3 FLIP-FLOPS on Cannabis

 Supervisor of District 3 Michael Oliveira is still flip-flopping back and forth on the Great Calaveras Cannabis Ban!

   Now he's again

DiBasilio says all cannabis people are CRIMINALS!!! Is DiBasilio the real criminal??

   The current Sheriff, who could not get over 50% in his recent election bid, says that ALL people involved in his cannabis cuttings are CRIMINALS.

   Supervisor Garamendi

DiBasilio says he will steal properties of all cannabis farms to increase his budget???

  ILLEGAL and CORRUPT Sheriff Department???  Budget hearings, June 13, 2018:

    Calaveras Sheriff has $1 million to try and enforce the Mills, Clapp and Tofanelli GREAT

Calaveras Voter turnout

   The final count of voters turning out for the primary election on June 5, 2018 in Calaveras County was just released.

   Registered voters in Calaveras number 28,994 and those who voted were 15,537 or 53%.

FBI agent charged with assault

  Chase Bishop, the 29 year old FBI agent who dropped is weapon while doing a backflip at a

Trump: Sleep well, it's over!

It's OVER, folks!
   Trump never hesitates to lie about anything;

Homeless veterans can starve! I want a parade!

   Terrified of Trump the GOP has voted to fund the $50 million for Trump to have tanks parade down Washington D.C.

   This is the $ 50 million that was supposed

Raccoon climbs skyscraper

This little raccoon became world famous when he climbed a 23 story building
in St. Paul Minnesota. He is now on the roof and they are trying to trap him.