Thursday, June 14, 2018

Same FIVE suspects, plus a Supervisor turned in to FBI

   Yes, one woman and 4 men, plus one Supervisor have now been turned in to the

Now that AT&T has CNN, Disney and Comcast fight it out!

   The court ruled in favor of AT&T and insulted President Trump for trying to stop the merger with CNN.

   Now that one is over, Comcast and Disney are battling it out to buy 21st Century Fox, (not FOX News).  No one wants that one.

Is Steven Buis the trespasser, vandal, or?????

20 trees at $250 a tree = $5000 in damages!! See you in Court!!
   We have yet to be certain if Steven Buis, who we have had nothing but trouble with in the

Mikey and Ka-Ka sittin up a tree....

   And Mikey says if KaKa loses enough weight, he will take her away, like she has been begging for years.

Is RACIST Michael Preston head of kkk? Family must be SO proud!

Where is our local Postal DRUNK???

   Ahhh...missing in action, literally, or ptsding all over himself?  Much more to come!!

Will be posting exact article about Blue Tarp Gang, with death threat!!

Blue Tarp Gang needs more tarps

  Now that the Blue Tarp Gang is on welfare and fights among themselves all the time. (they can't

Crazy HONKERS contest reboot

  We are going to reannounce, for those who missed it, the winner of the Crazy Honkers contest.

   This was so much fun!! Photo I D at left!

Want to see a fat Nazi jackass race???

   Uphill, at that!  Just wait till you see it here first, folks!!

  We have the video!!!

The Three IDIOT Calaveras Rats continue TROUBLE

    The idiot GRIN on the District 4 Supervisor who is under RECALL gave to the not being

Ever heard of Pac 4? hmmmm

Why are we receiving initials?

Of course this poor thing died after being tortured and
strangled. What or who is KS, KS, KS?
  We have been receiving unsolicited anonymous tips about a perfect kitty being tortured and strangled as part of the conspiracy Helter Skelter attack to try

Michael Preston still under surveillance by FBI?!Threatened President Obama

   We were informed earlier today that Michael Preston, Supervisor Oliveiras best friend, who was reported to the Secret Service and FBI for threatening President Obama, may remain

Transcribing every police report since 1994

  Due to unforeseen circumstances, we find it necessary to transcribe onto this website, certain police reports made in Calaveras County and in San Joaquin County that relate

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, the Biblical Racist Cult member

   In a speech to a law enforcement group today, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, the Trump Cult's Attorney General actually quoted the Bible

Letter to the Editor: You might think this strange, but...

  Dear Editor:

   The strangest thing happened to me a few days ago. I got a weird notice in the mail that I owed a bunch of money for a Toll Fee

Bear and boy make friends

Will the Great Calaveras Cannabis Ban continue?

The THREE Calaveras RATS chicken out!!

Clapp, Mills and Tofanelli
are total slimeball rats!
   The three Calaveras Supervisors, Clapp, Mills and Tofanelli have decided they don't want a ban on Cannabis

Calaveras Supervisor Oliveira counts on Trump Cult

  " If Corey Stewart, a clear White Supremacist and vocal anti-Semite can get elected, I can" is what

PG&E truck in crash

   June 14, 2018 at 8:50 AM:  A major injury collision has been reported on Hwy 88 at Eggiman Lane below Martell.

   Three vehicles are apparently involved; a black Honda, a horse trailer and a PG&E vehicle. An ambulance and tow truck are responding.

New York Attorney General sues Trump

   The Attorney General of New York has now officially sued Trump and his children over the so-called family charity.

   In the suit, they have alleged persistent illegal conduct.