Saturday, June 16, 2018

Foothills Rising protesting white voters rights, not racism

   Foothills Rising was created with a press release that was insistent that they were going to battle the racists

We apologize if site moves slowly!

   We are having some of the heaviest traffic we've ever had on the site and apologize if things

How does a Retard Nazi play musical chairs?

We are going to show you, lol!

Mokelumne Hill 4th of July Celebration

  Moklumne Hill is holding its annual 4th of July festivities at the Town Hall for Pancake Breakfast at 7:30 AM and a parade

Environmental Assessment of Candyrock Gay Porn, KKK and Gun Club site

 Coming soon!  And the assessment of the person who thinks he owns it, a guy named Pissed-on!

   The truth!! And why the U.S. Forest Service does nothing.

Over 2000 children jailed at Mexican border

We need lots of cheap labor!!!
   The way the Trump administration is going, they will be able to bring his tie manufacturing back to the US since they now have children they can force into labor

PG&E filing for bankruptcy

   The guts of PG&E, to use bankruptcy as a negotiating tool to try and get out of paying for

A Postal alcoholic with PTSD carries a Glock???? Is it true??

   All over the state we hear about how humiliating it is to be a resident of a backwards county that does not

Paul Manafort sleeping with the cockroaches

  It is well-known that the prison where Paul Manafort was sent tonight is rife with cockroaches.

   While Trump